Paddy McGuinness was banned by car company after getting caught bonking in motor

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Comedian Paddy McGuinness has revealed he was banned from using company cars after being caught romping in the motor by his boss.

The Top Gear presenter, 48, admitted his raunchy antics got him into quite a bit of trouble after he had sex with an ex-girlfriend in the borrowed car while working for a plant machinery supplier before he was famous

The star made the revelations in his new book, My Lifey, admitting that at one time he frequented the back of cars and pick-up trucks for some “vehicle-based gymnastics”.

Unfortunately his antics came to an end after his manager spotted him at an infamous sex hotspot in Bolton with his trousers down in a Vauxhall Astra owned by the firm.

“We had the seats back, mid-bonk, when the area manager drove past us. I got into a bit of trouble for that,” said Paddy as he describes the awkward incident. “I was off driving duties for a while.”

The car enthusiast was later allowed back in the driver’s seat once his ban had expired and was later given access to a sales rep's Peugeot by the company manager.

The Take Me Out presenter, who is now married to Christine McGuinness, said the legroom in the French car did wonders for his love life.

Years on, Paddy now presents the UK’s most popular motor show, Top Gear, alongside automotive journalist Chris Harris and former cricketer Freddie Flintoff.

News of the tale comes just days after he revealed another cheeky titbit from his book – that he once shared a kiss with Prince Harry in 2016, after Harry bought them Jagerbombs and started a dance-off.

He wrote: "To say we were dancing close was an understatement – our chests were touching. He asked me again if I could send him to Fernando's. He then proceeded to take my shirt off. So now I'm topless, a bottle of beer in each hand, dancing with Prince Harry.

"We finished dancing and while everyone was cheering, we embraced and he gave me a smacker on the lips."

Paddy revealed the pair's smooch took place at a post-Soccer Aid party at a swanky Chelsea bar in June 2016, just a few weeks before Harry, 37, met his wife Meghan Markle.

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