Moneybagg Yo Continues His Concert Despite Front Row Brawl

In multiple videos of the South Carolina show that circulate online, one concertgoer near the stage is featured trying to launch a punch at another fan, while the others are shoved in the awkward moment.

AceShowbizMoneybagg Yo‘s concert in South Carolina was interrupted when a physical altercation broke out. It was reported that concertgoers at the front row were exchanging blows while he was performing his track “Wokescha” at the Fall of Fire Fest.

In multiple videos that circulated online, it could be seen that the crowd near the stage erupted into a fight. One person was featured trying to attack another fan, while the others were shoved in the awkward moment between the brawling concertgoers.

It remains to be seen if Moneybagg was aware of the brawl. While many artists stopped shows and helped fans in need amid concert, the Memphis native continued performing his set despite the fight. He has yet to address the incident on his social media accounts.

Meanwhile, Internet users were confused as to why people were fighting at music concerts. “Why do people spend money to have a good time to just end up fighting,” one fan questioned in an Instagram comment. Defending Moneybagg, one person wrote, “He already got paid , might as well do what he came to do . Ain’t got nothing to do with him.”

“Show must go on. Don’t stop ish if I paid my money I want to get my moneys worth. If you paid your money and want to fight be my guest,” someone else echoed the sentiment. “Cuz that’s not his problem, security has a job they need to do it. Virgos mind their business,” one other similarly said.

One user, meanwhile, compared the reactions to when Travis Scott (II) kept playing for more than 30 minutes after the police declared a mass-casualty event at his Astroworld Festival back in 2021. “But Yal cancel Travis Scott,” the person wrote, though someone pointed out, “people died, there’s a difference.”

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