Married at First Sight star recalls brutal machete fight as burglars attacked

David Pugh, who appeared on Channel 4's Married at First sight recently, has spoke of the night he was brutally attacked in his home by armed burglars.

The 56-year-old was left covered in blood after the masked assailants broke into his home and targeted his 17-year-old son and their puppy.

He mentioned the 2018 attack on the reality show and gifted his new wife Shareen a "survival kit" as a gift.

"Shareen has been very blessed in that she's never had any real disasters or calamities in her life. But that's not true for me. Experiences have taught me to always be prepared for the worst," he told BirminghamLive.

David explained that he discovered masked men breaking into his Catherine-de-Barnes, Solihull, West Midlands home and fought them off with martial arts skilled he'd learned in Krav Maga self-defence classes.

The five masked men attacked with machetes, a baseball bat and a golf club.

The dad said: "It became an out-and-out battle in my house for about 10 minutes. My martial arts training just kicked in. I wasn't being brave. I was very lucky – there were golf clubs, machetes, table legs flying."

In graphic images, David could be seen completely covered in blood, while there were splashes of it all the bathroom too.

The burglars had demanded he hand over cash, while David tried to get to his son's bedroom to protect him.

Back then, the traumatised chap said: "I had so many splits to my head, I was drenched in blood."

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The burglars left after the attack with nothing, with David adding at the time: "They must have thought they half-killed me. In retrospect we were probably quite lucky."

David's Rottweiler puppy Zeus was also attacked and suffered a nasty gash on its head, before running into the garden and falling into a canal.

Since the terrifying incident, David has put it in his past and learned from it, installing plenty of CCTV cameras and sensor lights around his home.

He gave new wife Shareen a "CPR face shield" as well as a pen that can actually smash glass if someone needs to get out of a train or are trapped in a car.

Unfortunately, even the protective gift wasn't enough and David and Shareen broke up shortly after their honeymoon.

Married at First sight airs Tuesdays at 9.15pm on Channel 4

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