Halseys If I Cant Have Love, I Want Power Second Trailer Previews New Song

Although the official name of the song has yet to be revealed, the new preview of the ‘Without Me’ hitmaker’s upcoming film is described as ‘woman/God trailer.’

AceShowbizHalsey‘s new music may be coming soon. While releasing the second trailer of their new movie “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power“, the “Without Me” hitmaker teased a new song by including its preview.

The name of the track has yet to be revealed. However, the video, which was unleashed on Thursday, July 29, is described as the “woman/god trailer”. The song apparently is a part of their fourth studio album of the same name with the film.

Fans seemingly can’t wait to listen to the full version of the track. One Instagram user in particular raved, “The song playing over the video sounded so good can’t wait to hear it.” Another exclaimed, “This song!!!!!!!!!! F**k! I am not ready.” A third chimed in, “Love it! Now where’s the track list.” Someone else then urged, “drop the song.”

The musician themselves has previously given a hint about their upcoming album “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power.” Sharing a breast-baring album cover on Instagram, the new mom explained, “This album is a concept album about the joys and horrors of pregnancy and childbirth. It was very important to me that the cover art conveyed the sentiment of my journey over the past few months.”

“The dichotomy of the Madonna and the W***e. The idea that me as a sexual being and my body as a vessel and gift to my child are two concepts that can co-exist peacefully and powerfully,” the ex-girlfriend of G-Eazy added. “My body has belonged to the world in many different ways the past few years, and this image is my means of reclaiming my autonomy and establishing my pride and strength as a life force for my human being.”

“This cover image celebrates pregnant and postpartum bodies as something beautiful, to be admired. We have a long way to go with eradicating the social stigma around bodies & breastfeeding,” they went on. “I hope this can be a step in the right direction!”

The movie is slated to hit IMAX theaters on August 25. The album, meanwhile, will be released two days later on August 27.

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