Gladiators James Crossley says outfit row almost caused strike over ab drama

Gladiators star James Crossley has revealed that there was almost a "strike" regarding costumes, as no one wanted to wear a "two-piece" while filming the popular ITV show.

Talking exclusively to Daily Star on Facebook Live, the TV personality spoke candidly about the type of costumes that would often cause controversy amongst the stars backstage.

When asked about the revealing attire that was worn by the Gladiators, James, 48, admitted that some costumes would leave little to the imagination but it made it harder for the cast members to maintain a certain physique.

James said: "What was quite funny was that every year, we would all like to cross our fingers that we wouldn't get the two-piece.

"Because nobody wanted to have abs because it was so hard to sustain them in this filming period.

"So there was this huge ruckus amongst the guys if somebody had a two-piece. We all wanted a one-piece."

He added: "I think in the end everyone had one-pieces because there was almost a strike about it."

When discussing the outfits that the women would wear, James also admitted that it was evident that their attire became "skimpier and skimpier" throughout the years which made it harder for certain body parts to be covered.

Elsewhere in the interview, James became emotional as he recalled the moment he dislocated his shoulder that almost prevented him from gaining the title of The Ultimate Gladiator in 2000.

However, even though he suffered an awful injury the star went on to be crowned the winner of the intense showdown against the other UK giants.

When asked about his injuries and whether they became the worst part of his Gladiators experience, James said: "Yeah I mean, I dislocated it six times."

"So in the first event of the Ultimate Gladiator I dislocated my shoulder and this is when we talk about competitive, they wanted to pull me and take me to hospital and I said 'I will lose my arm and win this show'."

He added: "And I would have done at that time. It meant so much, I’m actually getting quite emotional about it.

"But that’s the mentality that I was in. It was hard with the injuries."

Earlier this year James took part in Channel 4's The Circle where he pretended to be a woman named Gemma.

But unfortunately, despite his cunning plans he never made it to the final of the competition.

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