Freddie Mercury: The Queen song that was originally about Martin Luther King – WATCH

Live Aid: Freddie Mercury warms up the crowd in 1985

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Back in 1985, Queen performed at Live Aid in their most iconic performance ever and just a few months later they were back in the studio recording a new single. One Vision is only the second song in the band’s career to be entirely credited to Queen rather than just Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor or John Deacon. The track came together that September in Musicland Studios, Munich.

In this week’s episode of Queen The Greatest, John shared: “Freddie was on the phone, and he wanted to go back in the studio and do some more recording. 

“So in the end we went back in and we recorded another single.  It was his idea really, that we could go in and actually write a song together.

“It’s credited as a Queen composition but to be honest I’d say it was mainly Roger, Brian and Freddie that did most of the writing for it.”

Brian came up with the riff, while Roger began the lyrics which were originally inspired by Martin Luther King’s famous I Have a Dream speech.

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