Former Union J singer Josh Cuthbert opens up about mental health struggles

The singer, opened up to his fans on his Instagram story, saying that he had previously only spoken about the issue to close friends.

Ex-Union J frontman Josh spoke on the XY podcast to address the struggles men face in regards to mental health and negative stereotypes.

The 27-year-old, who shot to fame on The X Factor claims that the success of his Union J days changed his life.

Josh says that being dropped from their record label, Sony was hard for him.

Three months after their single secured number 2 on the midweek charts, he recalls receiving a call from his manager informing him of the label ending the contract.

Speaking to his Instagram followers, the star went on to say: “There are days when I wake up in the morning and not really want to leave the house and stay in bed.

“These are things that I’ve never told anybody about apart from my friends, my family and obviously my wife.”

Following his drop from Sony and ‘hitting rock bottom’ – the singer said that he became “angry, bitter and frustrated” and “didn’t really enjoy the fame aspect – people stopping you on the street and asking for a picture".

He continued: “I didn’t enjoy that until it started to slow down.

“You feel a bit worthless, nobody really cares anymore.”

Despite being a social media influencer, he claims that people only post happy things which “makes life look great”.

The model, who has walked in Milan Fashion Week for Dolce & Gabbana said that watching reality shows such as Love Island made him feel ‘rubbish’.

Opening up to his 528k Twitter followers, he addressed his fans saying that he suffers from anxiety, depression as well as insecurities about his everyday life.

Speaking to XY, he added: “It’s (mental health) got quite bad.”

Claiming he feels like his model wife's ‘ugly other half’.

The Carry You singer said: “Confidence is such an important thing in life. If you don’t have that, it makes life a lot harder."

He went on to add that men don’t compliment one another on social media in the same way as women do, due to embarrassment.

Addressing his 483k Instagram followers, the blonde star added: “I massively struggle with anxiety, depression & the insecurities about my success and physical appearance that sometimes takes me to a really dark place.

“As a man, it’s sometimes extremely difficult to open up to your mates & your family… but when you do – it makes a huge difference.”

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