Ex-DOI judge Jason Gardiner is now eco-farmer in Portugal after quitting TV

Former Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner has overhauled his showbiz lifestyle and has opted for a more refreshing career as en eco-friendly framer in Portugal.

The 49-year-old, was better known for his loose tongue on the ITV hit show before he decided to throw in the towel following heated arguments with TOWIE star Gemma Collins.

After turning his back on the entertainment world he has instead decided to embark on a career as a "Nomadic Permaculture Designer".

Fleeing the UK, he now resides in sunny Portugal where he travels to different houses frequently to assist with making homes more sustainable.

In an interview with The Sun, Jason spoke about his new eco-friendly lifestyle and couldn't help but gush over his new home.

The former TV judge said: "I was very lucky during lockdown. A neighbour of mine kindly offered that I get to use her allotment.

"It changed my life. It was really quite profound and a beautiful experience. It put me on a different trajectory.

"We are moving towards being self-sufficient whether we like it or not. Being a grower of food and being sustainable is the future."

Jason, who was once a choreographer, caused quite a lot of controversy during his time on the panel of the skate dancing the show and often took sharp aim at celebrities when critiquing their performances.

But after one explosive argument with reality star Gemma Collins seemed to go too far, he decided to up sticks and take off for warmer climates it would seem.

The spat between him and the GC emerged after she had performed Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend, alongside her pro partner Matt Evers.

When delivering feedback, Jason got personal when he described Gemma's rendition as more "Anna Nicole Smith" than Marilyn Monroe.

An angry Gemma fired back, calling out Jason and blurting that he had been "selling stories" about her to the press.

She explained: "Maybe if you didn't sell stories on me, maybe I wouldn't have been so upset this week," before cutting off Jason in his tracks with: "Boring… Next!"

After Gemma had got wind of the fact Jason was exiting the show, she couldn't fight back her glee as she chimed "Hallelujah" live on Good Morning Britain.

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