Elvis Presley ‘alive’: Linda Thompson suggested King was in the ‘BAHAMAS’ after funeral

Elvis Presley fans have been looking for evidence surrounding the King of Rock n Roll for decades. While he officially died back in 1977, fans have been looking at evidence over the years which seem to suggest that may not be the full truth.

Elvis was certainly not at the top of his game anymore by the time he died, but he still had a huge amount of renown and recognition.

With the press and the public always looking at him, it is hard to comprehend just how hard his day to day life was.

This in mind, many fans have been combing through videos and interviews and cross-referencing them to determine whether Elvis is really alive.

While nothing is official just yet, a fan group on Facebook seem to have pinpointed a hugely telling comment.

The Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive group recently pointed out a comment made by Linda Thompson shortly after the funeral.

Pictured in the film “The Truth About Elvis”, Thompson could be seen talking to the camera years ago.

She must have thought something was odd about Elvis’ body in the coffin, as she made a comment about him not really being dead.

Thompson told the camera: “My mother was at the funeral and a few days later she said: ‘Yeah well you know they can do a lot with wax figures these days.

“‘A lot of people think he’s in the Bahamas.'”

Of course, this coincides with a number of other comments made by Elvis’ family and fans.

Author of Is Elvis Alive? Gail Giorgio spoke about the body in the coffin, which included testimonies from people who were at the funeral.

She explained: “Many people said it looked like a wax dummy. There were beads of sweat.

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“Dead bodies do not sweat but wax heats up in the sun. And it was an August day.”

Recently a new photo emerged of a man who people think was Elvis in hiding.

The photo, which was taken in 1994, saw a man with blue eyes and a strong jaw, who looked and sounded a lot like the King.

A source explained that the man – “Bill” – worked with him back in the 90s.

He said: “I started to think he could be Elvis after I told a friend all the things I had seen and lived working for Bill.

“It started like a joke – saying that Bill could be Elvis living in the underground with a new identity.”

The source added: “But more than the look, [coworkers] were amazed for the voice.

“Bill just smiled chivalrously and said nothing. I never saw him commenting or making jokes about it.”

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