Does Kanye West Still Talk to Amber Rose?

Before the days when Kanye West dated and married Kim Kardashian, there were the more chaotic years of dating Amber Rose. You may remember this brief period, which now goes back almost a decade. If the Kardashians were already making controversial headlines a decade ago for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you’d often see a headline about Kanye and Amber right next to it.

While we all remember their volatile relationship, things turned even nastier after the two broke up. It’s made fans wonder if Kanye ever talks to Amber anymore after everything they went through. With recent negative comments from Amber about Kanye, you can probably guess there isn’t any recurring contact.

Amber Rose gives Kanye West credit for giving her fame

You have to look back to 2008 to see when Amber happened to fall into the web of Kanye’s own fame. After appearing in one of his music videos, he helped her become more involved in show business, including winning a modeling contract. Amber and Kanye became a romantic item for a couple of years afterward. As we all know, these were years when Kanye was more than a little restless.

When Kanye and Rose broke up in 2010, things started to take a turn for the worst. She now claims Kanye became a bully and went after her viciously in numerous ways.

How bad did things become for Amber Rose?

According to an interview with People, Amber says she almost considered suicide during the immediate years after they split. This was due to continual harsh comments he reportedly made to her personally or on social media in the years after they broke up.

Apparently, there wasn’t any physical abuse, but we all know mental abuse can end up being just as devastating. What made this situation worse was Kanye made his power known, preventing her from being able to speak out about his abuse. Amber says she couldn’t say anything about it on social media, or through any other media without fear of him retaliating.

After so many years of this, she’s finally coming out to reveal everything. In the last few years, we’ve seen Amber condemn Kanye in many ways, including blasting him for not giving her credit. She’s even compared his personality to that of Donald Trump’s, which she says explains why Kanye supports the President.

Kanye West has shown remorse for his actions

The beauty of human evolution is those who make mistakes often regret their actions later in life. Maybe this isn’t the case for the most arrogant, though we’re already seeing Kanye become a better person.

After he bullied Amber and her kids on social media a few years ago, he apologized for his actions. His marriage to Kim Kardashian and having kids with her has clearly improved his mental state. This includes his acknowledgment of having mental illness and seeking ways to keep it controlled.

As for Kanye and Amber speaking with one another in the last couple of years, you can see there aren’t any recent attempts. On Amber’s end, she’s started The Amber Rose Foundation to help other women who’ve found themselves in similar situations to hers find support and help.

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