Disney Bans Netflix Ads Across Almost All Its Properties In Preparation For Disney+

Disney has removed Netflix ads from all of its properties apart from ESPN as it prepares to enter the streaming world via Disney+.

Although there are more streaming services out there than anyone could ever need, there is one that stands tall above all others. That platform is Netflix. Amazon Prime and HBO Now might be doing well, but none of them hold a candle to Netflix. 137 million people around the world are subscribed to the service. That’s quite the global reach.

A contender to Netflix’s streaming crown is about to emerge, though. Disney’s offering to the already crowded arena, Disney+. Name value alone will mean Disney+ performs well, but Disney continues to go above and beyond to make sure its service doesn’t get lost in the crowd at Netflix’s feet. It wants to breathe the rarified air alongside its main rival.

Disney has already demonstrated that desire in a number of ways. First of all, its price. At $6.99, Disney+ will cost consumers less per month than Netflix. Secondly, its content. Not only will the platform be loaded with boatloads of original series based in the MCU and Star Wars universe, but it seems as if pretty much every movie and TV show Disney has ever made will be on the platform at launch.

Disney has now hit Netflix with another body blow, reports CNBC. It is no longer allowing Netflix to advertise on its properties. Considering how much Disney owns in 2019, that’s a lot of stuff. The only property of Disney’s that Netflix will still be able to advertise on going forward is ESPN. Plus, and this probably goes without saying, there will be no sign of Netflix ads on Disney+ as, like Netflix, Disney’s streaming service will be ad-free.

Disney isn’t just sending warning shots to Netflix. It’s also been bickering with the streaming service that currently occupies the number two spot, Amazon Prime. As of right now, Amazon can still advertise on Disney’s properties, but that might change in the future. Disney+ officially launches in the US on November 12, 2019, and is already out to prove that it most definitely means business.

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