Danielle Jonas Recently Partnered With This Company

Kevin Jonas is busy with his upcoming Happiness Begins tour with his bro band The Jonas Brothers, but his wife Danielle Jonas has plenty going on as well. In addition to her own jewelry design label, Jonas just partnered with a company to promote their brand on social media.

Photos with four-legged friends

Danielle was recently recruited by Pedigree Dentastix to help promote their SelfieSTIX clip, according to their press release. The company also signed up actor Ian Harding from Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars.

“To support the launch of the SelfieSTIX clip, the brand partnered with Ian Harding and Danielle Jonas to show their social communities how they use the SelfieSTIX clip to snap the perfect selfies with their four-legged friends. In addition, the SelfieSTIX clip will be promoted via online videos on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat,” as stated in the press release from Pedigree Dentastix.

Pet promos

Last month, Danielle put up a post with her pup Riley, promoting the item on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. “Getting agood photo with my pups can be difficult, but Riley is all smiles knowinga @pedigreeusDENTASTIXtreat is coming her way,” her post read. “Thanksto the new PEDIGREE DENTASTIX SelfieSTIX clip, my pups always look right at thecamera, plus, they get a delicious treat that will freshen their breath andhelp clean their teeth and gums for happy smiles. Head to @target toget your own SelfieSTIX clip with purchase of select PEDIGREE DENTASTIX treats,while supplies last. #ad”

This isn’t the first time Danielle has been involved in pet-related promotion. In May 2018, Kevin and Danielle teamed up with Swiffer to celebrate National Pet Month, telling potential pet adopters that cleaning up after shedding pets is easy with Swiffer products. “Having a Swiffer at the ready helps Danielle and I quickly clean our home, allowing us to spend more time enjoying the sweetest moments bonding and playing with our kids and our dogs Riley and Maci. Shed happens but we aren’t worried,” Kevin said, according to the press release.

The two have always had a soft spot for dogs. Riley was a gift to Danielle from Kevin after their 2009 honeymoon to Mexico, according to People. In 2012, the couple told People that having dogs was helping them prepare for children. “They’re getting us ready for kids,” Danielle said. “Definitely, especially when they’re puppies. Every hour they’re waking up.” At the time, Kevin was already planning their parenting styles. “Dani’s going to be the easy one and I’m going to have to be the disciplinarian,” he said.

Already an entrepreneur

Danielle is nostranger to launching products. In December 2018, she started herjewelry line Moments and recently addedthe line Essentials. She created the company when she couldn’tfind certain items she wanted for her daughters.

“I love jewelry, but I love dainty stuff. I’m into very simple,pretty jewelry,” she said in an interview according to Us Weekly. “I was starting tolook for jewelry with my kids’ birthstones in it and I was just not findingwhat I wanted… I felt like their birthstones didn’t really look good togetherand I was just like, ‘Well, maybe this is my opportunity to create somethingand figure out something nice to go together.”

Shortly after, her jewelry line hit the market. Getting inspiration from her family and friends for her designs, Danielle always felt sentimental toward jewelry and hopes to create items that consumers will associate with special meaning. “Jewelry was always an interest of mine,” she recently told Forbes. “I went with jewelry because of my consistent efforts of searching for the perfect pieces whether it was for myself or for someone special in my life. I’m very sentimental and I feel jewelry is the best creation of a keepsake that can be worn every day.”

With her business savvy and entrepreneurialspirit, the sky’s the limit for Danielle Jonas!

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