Clairo Delivers Intimate Cover of The Strokes' "I'll Try Anything Once"

Clairo enlisted Scors member Jake Passmore for an acoustic cover of The Strokes‘ B-side cut, “I’ll Try Anything Once.”

Uploaded on Soundcloud, the four-minute cut is a warm and intimate rendition of the already gentle track. The pair are armed with nothing more than acoustic guitars and their harmonizing, and they add a short but soft guitar solo between the chorus and last verse.

“I’ll Try Anything Once” appeared as the B-side to The Strokes’ “2006 single “Heart in a Cage” and served as an early demo for the band’s popular track “You Only Live Once.” The demo hears frontman Julian Casablancas tenderly singing over an electric piano — a huge contrast to the New York City-based band’s final version on First Impressions of the Earth that followed a garage rock route.

Stream Clairo and Jake Passmore’s cover of “I’ll Try Anything Once” on Soundcloud below.

Clairo · I’ll Try Anything Once (cover)

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