Brian May on recording Too Much Love Will Kill You with Freddie Mercury in his final years

Brian May asks his fans who they are 'driven' by

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One of Brian May’s signature solo tracks Too Much Love Will Kill You is getting re-released today, ahead of his remastered album Back To The Light on August 6. The Queen guitarist originally released the song as a single in August 1992, after performing it live at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert that April. The Queen singer had died in November 1991 and some fans believed that Brian’s track was about him.

In reality, Brian had penned Too Much Love Will Kill You in 1986-7 with songwriting pals Elizabeth Lamers and Frank Musker.

Nevertheless, the Queen guitarist had recorded a bigger version with Freddie in 1989, before he died, that ended up on the band’s final album, 1995’s Made in Heaven.

Brian said: “I loved working with Freddie to do that vocal. We were aware that the song was becoming something different, and it meant something different.

“We were all aware of it. We obviously knew Freddie’s days were probably limited barring a miracle.”

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