BGT star who left Simon Cowell speechless became glam cruise ship singer

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    A Britain's Got Talent star has shared her incredible journey, from studying for her A-Levels to leaving Simon Cowell in awe and performing globally.

    Faith Tucker, who stunned Simon Cowell with her audition in 2019, has opened up about her life-changing performance after her audition managed to rack up nearly a million views on YouTube. Despite not winning the show, Faith hasn't looked back since.

    Now a professional singer, she's been wowing audiences worldwide with her classical voice, just as she did with Cowell and co-judge David Walliams back in 2019.

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    Looking back at her audition, she said: "It was almost like a blur, because it happened so quickly… I remember I was one of the last contestants to actually audition in Manchester that day. It was around 9:30 at night.

    "I had the whole day of adrenaline, but then when I got on stage my nerves just seemed to disappear. I remember walking onto the stage and just seeing the judges smiling back at me, I sang two songs for my audition, which were 'You'll Never Walk Alone' and 'Granada' … I was just thinking to myself 'am I really doing this?'. After my audition, Simon Cowell congratulated me and gave me a hug backstage, which was very unexpected."

    The title that year went to war hero Colin Thackery. But Faith, now 23, still feels like a winner.

    Chatting with talent agency Champions (UK) Plc, she shared how her life took a turn after BGT: "Life changed quite a lot for me after BGT. Of course people started to recognise me in the street. I was just finishing my A-Levels so I was very much still going about my normal life and getting ready for university so it did feel quite overwhelming at times."

    She continued: "All of a sudden I was getting booked for events worldwide which I was prepared to juggle whilst being at university. It was quite funny going to university a couple of months after being on the show."

    Faith added: "A lot of the students had either watched me on TV, or had heard that 'one of the first year singers was just on BGT…' So I quickly became 'that girl from the telly'."

    For Faith, her BGT success was a dream come true. She said: "When I was younger, I used to keep small journals," she explained. "I'd write in them every night, with diary entries and manifestations. I'd always write in my diary that my biggest dream was to be on BGT, I wanted the audition sticker framed on my wall and everything when I was a kid, I was a big fan of the show in general. I truly believe this is what kept me eager to fulfil and chase my dream."

    Talking about her journey post-BGT, Faith shared: "I've been fortunate to perform at many high profile events since being on the BGT, including being asked to sing with the wonderful Coldstream Guards Band for a major soldiers charity.

    "I have also travelled to many parts of the world as a guest singer on several cruise ships.

    "A highlight from this year was being asked to sing the national anthem at the OVO arena at one of KSI's boxing tournaments. The atmosphere was electric and I was proud of myself in that moment! But I think the favourite moment for me would be when I had my whole family come to watch one of my shows in Somerset. We happened to all be on holiday in Somerset at the time, and I surprised them on the day, they were thrilled to bits, especially my nana.

    "I've just graduated from the Royal College of Music with a bachelor of music degree. I've spent 4 years strengthening and studying my voice with my professor, Sarah Tynan, who I have learnt so much from.

    "Now I plan to write some more music and do more collaborations going into 2024. I'm always trying to think of ways of making classical music more mainstream even though I enjoy all styles of singing."

    Urging others to take part in shows like BGT she added: "I know reality shows do get bad press sometimes, but I would encourage anyone to go on and chase their dreams because that's exactly what I did – and I would never regret what my younger self always dreamt of."

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