Alicia Keys Says That 2020 Made Her 'Unafraid of Taking Risks'

Alicia Keys is opening up about the transformations she has gone through amid a very tumultuous year.

Speaking to Glamour U.K. for the magazine's latest cover story, the 39-year-old singer revealed that 2020 has made her "unafraid of taking risks."

"Alicia 2020 is super tuned-in," the Grammy-winning singer said. "I am fully in my power."

"I’m unafraid of taking risks. I’m unafraid of stepping out on a limb for something that’s extremely important," she added. "I am ready to shift, change and remold, not only myself, but everything around me and the world as we need it. So, I’m here to be of service, man."

In a year that saw many highs for Keys — including the release of her self-titled album ALICIA and the launch of her lifestyle beauty brand, Keys Soulcare — it also featured some challenges.

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Keys said it was a "tricky experience" managing all aspects of her life, but noted that it was most important that she and her family "have been healthy and safe."

"It was definitely a tricky experience figuring out how to work home-schooling, career, life and personal stuff," Keys said, before adding that she "did feel really grateful to know that [the kids] were in that space and I was able to help to participate in that."

"Because so often when they go off to school, you don’t see them for eight hours and they come back and you don’t know what their world was like," she added in the interview.

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Keys also noted that the change-up of routine in her day to day life because of COVID-19 left her struggling to figure out how to create time for herself.

"I couldn’t get a handle on how to find the time that I needed, especially because I have a five-year-old, a ten-year-old and a 13-year-old; they were all at these different places of needing me," she said to Glamour U.K.. "I was literally like bam, bam, bam the whole time and finally at the end of the day, I would be like 'I can’t even think.'"

Adding that it took some time for her to get to a state where she could focus on herself, Keys revealed to the publication that different things, such as reading and journaling, as well as a lot of meditation and exercise, helped to get her through the chaos of 2020 and find inner peace.

"I definitely got very, very heavy into my workouts," she said. "I realized if I didn’t meditate and work out — and I don’t care if I had to get up at 4 a.m. — if I’m not doing it, I didn’t feel like I had any space for myself."

Keys also discussed another prominent 2020 moment — the Black Lives Matter movement.

The multihyphenate said that she and her husband Swizz Beatz "have a lot of conversations with our 13-year-old [son]" about racism, but added, "That’s not really something you should be having to worry about at 13, or 12, or 11, or 16. You’re a kid. You’re out and you’re just in your world. What the hell?"

Keys applauds the anti-racism movement and called the idea of it "a really powerful statement."

"It is a really important conversation because we were never talking about that [before], not even five years ago," Keys said to Glamour U.K. "Now is definitely time to question everything and reformulate."

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