World War 2 quiz questions and answers

On Friday, May 8, the UK will enjoy a bank holiday and commemorate Victory in Europe Day. The historic day celebrates the acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender of its armed forces on Tuesday, 8 May 1945.

With lockdown measures in place, many of the celebrations and planned events have faced cancellation – but you can still celebrate the day in your own way.

Britons are being asked to participate in a nation-wide singalong of Dame Vera Lynn’s wartime anthem We’ll Meet Again, as well as offering a toast to the fallen at 3pm on Friday.

Another way to commemorate the day is to host a historic pub quiz, featuring questions on World War 2 to test your friends and family’s knowledge.

So has compiled a list of 15 quiz questions and answers for your pub quiz this weekend.

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1. What does the abbreviation VE stand for?

2. What year had the Second World War started?

3. Which European countries stayed ‘neutral’ in the Second World War?

4. How old was Queen Elizabeth II – then Princess Elizabeth – on VE Day?

5. The invasion of which country triggered Britain and France to declare war against Germany?

6. In which two Japanese cities were the first 2 atomic bombs dropped?

7. In which French region were the D-Day landings?

8. What name was given to the dead man, deliberately dropped into the sea to be found by German agents, who carried false papers to deceive the Axis powers about Allied intentions to attack Europe?

9. The battle for what city was the turning point in the war on the Eastern Front?

10. What was the name of the German airforce?

11. Which US naval base did Japan bomb which then forced the US to enter World War 2?

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12. Which Holocaust camp had the highest death toll?

12. Which were the two main RAF aircraft used in the Battle of Britain?

14. What was the first Nazi concentration camp?

15. Which mathematician developed a device capable of deciphering the German Enigma code?


1. Victory in Europe Day

2. 1939

3. Switzerland, Spain and Sweden

4. She was 19-years-old

5. Poland

6. Hiroshima and Nagasaki

7. Normandy

8. The Man Who Never Was

9. Stalingrad

10. The Luftwaffe

11. Pearl Harbor

12. Auschwitz

13. Hurricane and Spitfire

14. Dachau

15. Alan Turing

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