Women rave about new £200 non-invasive IPL treatment

The £200 skin treatment that tackles sun damage, age spots and thread veins in just three 20-minute sessions – and there are no needles so you can have it on your lunch break

  • Lumecca is non-invasive IPL treatment targeting pigmentation and thread veins
  • Susan from SV Aesthetics performs the new treatment which has no downtime
  • Costs £200 per session and results have been praised by four different women

Women have been raving about a new 20 minute non-invasive IPL treatment which can clear pigmentation and thread veins in just nine weeks. 

Lisa Cruess, 33, from London, who suffered from hyperpigmentation and sun damage, opted for Lumecca – a 20-minute strong IPL treatment which targets sun damage, freckles, hyper pigmentation, age spots, thread veins and rosacea – to get her skin in its best possible condition for her first post-Covid wedding. 

Meanwhile, Leah, 28, from London, who has always ‘struggled’ with her skin, tried the treatment and after just three sessions she noticed that not only had the ‘redness and thread veins cleared up’ but there was also an overall improvement in the texture of her skin.

Susan, who runs SV Aesthetics, based in London, and performs the treatment on numerous clients for £200 a session, shares the pictures of the transformations on her Instagram page. 

Lisa Cruess, 33, from London, had three Lumecca treatments. Pictured left, before, and right, after treatment. The photographs were taken nine weeks apart

There is no downtime with Lumecca and makeup can be applied straight after so she says it is a fantastic treatment to have on your lunch break. 

Lisa, who had three sessions, explains how she has always suffered with hyperpigmentation and sun damage, adding that summer weather and hormone changes made it worse. 

‘Whatever skincare I tried nothing changed it and I struggled to hide the pigmentation with make-up,’ she said. ‘I wanted to have the Lumecca treatment because I was attending my first wedding post lockdown and wanted my skin to be in the best possible condition.

‘I also wanted to be able to go make up free day to day as I had begun working from home but never felt comfortable without makeup due to my uneven skin tone.’

Lisa went on to say that while Susan’s great before and after photos for the new Lumecca treatment ‘looked great,’ she didn’t expect the ‘fantastic results’ she received in just three treatments.  

‘After just 10 days there was a significant reduction in the pigmentation – particularly on my forehead and upper lip,’ she said. ‘I decided to have three further treatments to complete the course as recommended by Susan and have been left with what feels like brand new bright and clear skin. 

‘If I’m careful in the sun, with a high factor SPF, I can retain these fantastic results.’

Leah, 28, from London, who has had three sessions to treat the rosacea and thread veins which she claimed were ruining her complexion, has been left impressed with the results. Pictured, left before and right, after

‘I now look back on old photos and I can’t believe the difference in my skin, and the constant struggle to try and cover it with makeup.’

Lisa says that after having the Lumecca treatment, she is now able to wear light and natural make up without any risk of pigmentation showing. 

‘I also now feel confident to wear no makeup,’ she added. ‘My friends and family noticed the significant improvement in my skin and ultimately how much more confident I was in myself because my skin had been such a concern for me for several years.’

Another client of Susan’s used the Lumecca to treat her vascular lesions.

Leah, 28, from London, who had three sessions to treat the rosacea and thread veins which she claimed were ruining my complexion, was also left impressed with the results.

Laura McGinty, 31, from London, had two sessions after feeling self-conscious about her full face of freckles for some time. Pictured, left before and right, after 

‘I’ve always struggled with my skin and have tried many things to clear it up,’ she explained. ‘During lockdown I finally got into a good consistent skincare routine, but I’ve never been able to treat the thread veins and rosacea.’

Leah discovered SV Aesthetics and the Lumecca IPL through social media and thought her results were ‘great’ and ‘quicker’ than other laser treatments she’d previously researched. 

‘I’m so pleased with the results, not only has the redness and thread veins cleared up but also the overall texture of my skin is so much better, the oiliness reduced and pigmentation faded,’ she continued. 

‘Looking at the before picture now makes me so sad that I didn’t discover Lumecca earlier. I’d encourage anyone suffering with rosacea or thread veins to try it out. I was nervous it was going to be really painful but it was extremely quick and easy.’

Shauna McCarthy, 30, from London, had two sessions after sunbed use left her looking tired. 

‘My pigmentation had gradually been getting worse over the years from sunbed use when I was younger, and I felt it was making me look tired and left me with uneven skin tone,’ she said. ‘I wasn’t sure that only two treatments would erase all the years of sun damage. However, after one session, the results were amazing.

‘It brought all the pigment to the surface so it looks worse before it starts to fade, but once I’d had the two, the clarity of my skin is so much better. I feel it’s really brightened my complexion and I wish I’d done it sooner.

Shauna McCarthy, 30, from London, had two sessions after sunbed use left her looking tired. Pictured, left before and right, after 

Shauna said the treatment was pain-free and added she could carry on with her day afterwards as the redness subsided really quickly. Pictured left, before two sessions and right, after

The treatment was pain-free and I could carry on with my day afterwards as the redness subsided really quickly. It’s worth investing – the results really speak for themselves.’

Laura McGinty, 31, from London, also had two sessions after feeling self-conscious about her full face of freckles for some time. 

‘Having done some research, I found Susan Vaughan at her clinic near Marble Arch offering the Lumecca laser treatment and decided to give that a try,’ she explained. ‘I have been amazed with the results; my freckles have disappeared!’

She went on to say how during each appointment, Susan applied a gel to her face then went over her face twice with the laser while she wore goggles to protect her eyes against the bright light. 

‘There were occasional moments when the laser zap was uncomfortable (a split second) but on the whole the treatment was quick and relatively painless,’ she continued. ‘I didn’t experience any redness or soreness after the treatment and needed no downtime.’

She added: ‘Following each treatment, the freckles initially appeared darker before then seeming to disappear after about day 10.

‘The results were noticeable after the first session and very impressive after the second. I was absolutely delighted with the results.’

What is Lumecca and how does it work? 

Susan Vaughan from SV aesthetics explains how the treatment works: 

‘Thankfully UV protection is much more encouraged now then it was in the past but sometimes pigmentation and vascular lesions can be hereditary – this is where the Lumecca comes in.

It helps treat any damage that is underlying in the skin whether the skin has been damaged over the years or has been passed down from your parents.’

‘Lumecca is the strongest IPL light on the market. In just 1-3 sessions Lumecca improves the appearance of age spots, sun damage, freckles, vascular lesions, port wine stains, rosacea and broken capillaries. Leaving the skin with a more even complexion.

‘Lumecca also has some skin tightening properties as the warm light travels down into the skin, helping to promote new collagen and elastin production. This is just an added bonus to an already fantastic treatment.

‘Other IPL devices on average take 5-6 sessions to help these skin conditions.

‘Lumecca can be used on all areas of the face and body – the most popular being face, chest, arms, shoulders, hands and legs.

‘However, it does have some restrictions as it can only be used on Fitzpatrick skin types 1 and 2. It is not suitable for darker skin tones as the IPL may not be able to pick up the pigmentation to the best of its ability.

‘A full face Lumecca treatment takes about 15-20 minutes. There is also no downtime with this treatment meaning you can apply makeup straight after. It is a fantastic treatment to have while you pop out on your lunch break. 

‘SPF must be worn to protect the skin for three weeks following your treatment. Lumecca for any area of the face or body is £200 per session.

Over the following weeks the pigments break down in the skin and the small broken capillaries are cauterised and then disappear.’

A gel is applied to the area being treated. We then apply the handpiece to the skin and work in small sections. W we then trigger an intense pulsed light which travels down into the skin. This light picks up brown and red pigments in the skin. The light interrupts these pigments and breaks them up in the skin.

No numbing cream is needed for this treatment because it is very quick – each trigger of the light feels like a warm flick on the skin. 

‘The Lumecca handpiece has a strong sapphire cooling tip, which helps with the client comfort during the treatment.’ 

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