Woman takes DNA test and results reveal shocking hometown secret

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A woman got the shock of her lifetime when a simple DNA test unlocked the 20-year mystery of her uprooted family tree.

TikTok user @jordynthe1st grew up not knowing who her father was. Her mother, who had her at a young age, assumed that she was conceived by a former Puerto Rican boyfriend, leading the family to assume Jordyn was half Boricua.

At 17, Jordyn decided to take a DNA ancestry test and learned that she was actually half Afghan. Then at 20, a second cousin, who she was connected to through the service, was able to help — and led her to a shocking hometown connection.

Jordyn’s mom remembered a Middle Eastern fling named Alex from 20 years ago. “They only met once, and you know how it goes — hookups were a thing back then, too,” she explained.

With that information, Jordyn’s cousin connected her to their family. Much to Jordyn’s surprise, she learned that her family had been living in her Las Vegas hometown “the whole time.”

“I honestly couldn’t believe it,” she told The Post. “Not only did this woman figure out a 20-year mystery in the span of one day, but also I was shocked with the news that I had lived in the same city as them this whole time too.”

Jordyn’s second cousin broke the news to her grandmother, who then relayed the shocking news to Jordyn’s biological father. The family excitedly welcomed Jordyn and connected in person shortly after.

She learned that her father currently lives in Afghanistan after having been deported while he was in his 20s and isn’t allowed back into the United States. But even from a distance, her father accepted her “with open arms.”

“I still have not had the chance to meet my father yet, he is stuck in Afghanistan for the time,” she told The Post. “I was able to get a brief video chat in but internet in Afghanistan is actually awful so it was very brief. I’m hoping one day soon I can go visit him.”

The fairy tale ending of this story was when Jordyn learned that not only did she gain a new family, but that her father was rich and “wants to financially make up for lost time.” Jordyn questioned her storybook tale, “What is my life?”

“My whole life I had accepted that I didn’t know who my father was and for the most part,” she told The Post. “I was okay with it but I always wondered, and now I didn’t have to wonder anymore.”

Jordyn’s original video sharing her video went viral with 2.5 million views and 678,500 likes as people responded to her happy ending.

In addition to having a father, Jordyn is also thrilled to celebrate her heritage.

“Not only all of that, but now all of a sudden there was this whole new beautiful culture I belonged to,” she said. “It was all so overwhelming and it felt like I finally understood me and who I was for once in my life.”

This isn’t the first time that a DNA test was used to discover and connect unknown family members. Two co-workers who were BFFs were stunned earlier this year when they discovered they were full biological sisters.

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