Woman snubbed by lad as he wouldnt kiss someone who just ate piece of meat

A model opened up about the moment she felt like she was turned down by a lad who doesn't eat meat.

Influencer Ju Isen, from Brazil, often comes across some of the most unusual situations.

Previously, she walked out on a bloke who ordered a cheap bottle of wine during dinner.

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And now more recently, the bombshell came across a man who thought it would be gross to snog a meat eater.

She explained how the guy told her it would be disgusting kissing someone who had just eaten a piece of animal.

The first contact between the pair happened on Instagram when Ju stumbled on his page.

She said: "I saw his profile and I thought he was handsome, interesting.

"I remember there was a phrase in his bio, something like 'vegan life', but for me, it was okay, no big deal.

"So I started a conversation in the DM and he replied."

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During the chat, the two decided to set up a date, and, of course, it had to be a vegan/vegetarian restaurant.

Everything was going well for the pair, until the man wanted to know more about the model, to which she revealed she consumes meat.

She explained: "I said I was at the restaurant because I respected his choice, it was no problem for me.

"But then he said that it was more than that, the veganism is a lifestyle and, for him, he couldn't be with a person who wasn't."

After the date, the two never spoke again.

Ju admitted: "He said he could never kiss someone who eats meat because it's disgusting. I stood still for a while, processing everything.

"Finally, he said he could be considered 'vegansexual', a person who only has relationships with another vegan person.

"Well each to their own, but he could have at least explained all this before I got dressed up for dinner."

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