Woman left looking like alien with horns after cosmetic procedure goes wrong

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A 21-year-old woman was left horrified after a cosmetic procedure went wrong – and left her looking like an "alien with horns".

Jessie Carr, a gym receptionist from Sydney, Australia, decided to get the ‘fox eye’ surgery inspired by celebrities including Bella Hadid, who have the unique look.

The procedure promises to lift the eyebrows and produce a “fierce, foxy” look, which should last between 18 and 24 months.

However, she's been left with permanent scarring and looking like an “alien with “horns” after getting the procedure on her face.

After seeing the process advertised on Instagram by different cosmetic surgeons, she decided to do her research and book an appointment.

However, the surgery didn’t go according to plan – leaving Jessie with protrusions on her forehead resembling “horns”.

She says the procedure is her “biggest regret ever”.

“I don’t really understand what went wrong with it,” Jessie told Jam Press.

“I have assumptions that maybe my body is rejecting the threads.

“I think that this procedure is in some way a scam, because I’m sure cosmetic surgeons know that it isn’t effective.

“One thing I do know that went wrong is that the cosmetic surgeon made one eyebrow higher than the other, which caused even more issues for me.

“I felt ridiculous in the way that I looked and I later on had to get Botox in one eyebrow to temporarily even them out.”

Jessie had the surgery in October 2021 at a clinic in New South Wales.

In total, the procedure cost $2,000 AUD (£1,118) but she has received a partial refund for $1,100 AUD (£615) due to her ordeal.

In a clip on TikTok, which has received 4.3 million views and over 212,000 likes, she shows off her final look with the caption: “I can’t take myself seriously.”

She begins by turning her face from side-to-side and reveals scarring on either side of her face.

As the “horn” shaped scars stick out of her forehead, she mouths: “I wish I had a time machine.”

“Girl embrace your horns, they are cool,” one viewer commented.

Another person added: “Bruh, the lengths people go to.” [sic]

“It’s giving Maleficent,” someone else wrote.

One viewer said: “Y’all need to do research before just doing mess.”

“Girl you literally payed for horns,” another viewer added, to which Jessie responded: “Pretty much.”

Since uploading her results, many people have messaged her saying that they have had the same thing happened to them.

She said: “I have had multiple girls message me since, saying they have been getting bumps/threads poking out of their skin.

“Even that their eyebrows went down after the healing stage, meaning that the threads didn’t work and it was a waste of money.

“I later found out that cosmetic surgeons use celebrity photos to advertise the procedure, but that isn’t the procedure they actually do.

“I was in quite a lot of pain for about a week [during the healing stage] as I was very swollen and bruised.

“This [was a result] of them popping a blood vessel in my face when injecting the anaesthetic.

“After the healing stage, I have experienced pain when I lift my eyebrows, as it feels like the thread is poking through my skin near my scalp.

“They are also very tender to touch and feel sore if I push on them when they are inflamed – which is the majority of the time.”

Jessie is currently having a treatment called ‘Ultraformer 3’ which puts ultrasound waves into her head and heats the thread until it dissolves.

She’s had one session, but hasn’t been able to see any results so far.

She added: “The cosmetic surgeon also prescribed me strong anti-inflammatory pills to take for five days to see if the threads would go down.

“However, the tablets only worked during the five days I was taking them and then they got inflamed again.

“I feel disappointed that the procedure didn’t work and has caused me these long-term problems.

“I feel scammed, as they told me they do around two to three thread lifts a week.

“He surely would have had complaints previously about this, yet they still continue to do it and advertise it.

“On the other hand, I am grateful that [my surgeon] is offering me services free of charge to help fix the threads.”

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