Woman creates shaker doors at home for only £40

DIY-loving mother gives her dull doors a shaker-style maekover with wood panels and a lick of paint – and they cost just £40 each

  • Kim Burns, a UK-based mother, remodelled her house’s upstairs doors by herself
  • Said she hated how plain her old doors looked, but did not want to pay full price
  • She and husband created shaker doors with wood panels for only £40 per door

A woman who hated the dull upstairs doors in her home and wanted to replace them with a more design-led shaker look has revealed how she revamped them herself for just £40 each. 

Kim Burns from Gloucestershire refused to pay a hefty price to have new doors installed, and instead used wood panels to create her own.

The thrifty mother mounted them herself with the help of her husband, and shared pictures of the impressive result to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group. 

Fellow DIY and bargains enthusiasts loved the final result and praised Kim for her efforts. 

Kim Burns, a UK-based mother, grew tired of her old plain upstairs doors and decided to replace them on a budget

The DIY wiz said she only paid £40 in wood to make the door using panels from the old doors as well

Kim said she did not want to pay more than £100 per door so decided to go the DIY route for the project

Shaker doors are defined by a framed flat centre panel, and date back to the 18th century.

The home-owner explained that while she hated her old doors, which were too plain for her liking, she did not want to spend ‘£100+ per door’ on new ones. 

‘Me and the other half made our own shaker doors. Cost £40 for the wood,’ she explained. 

Kim and her partner cut the wood in lines to fit panels on the old doors.

The bargain-enthusiast cut the wood panels to fit the door on its sides, in order to create a shaker door 

She fitted panels from the old white door in-between the new wood, before painting over it with white 

They then painted the wooden frames white, and coated the old door in white as well to give it a sleek look. 

Kim explained they also made sure to leave some space on the side of the door so it would close without sticking.  

She said that this way, the couple made a massive saving. 

New shaker doors’ prices tend to start from £90 online, £50 more than what Kim invested in her creation. 

A picture showed that Kim reproduced the process with two of the doors upstairs, fitting them with new handles as well 

Kim added she made sure to leave some space on the door’s right side so it could close properly 

The end result was slick, and the door looked new and professionally made, fitting the frame perfectly 

On the Facebook group, DIY fans applauded her results, and commanded her idea.  

‘They look lovely!! Brilliant idea,’ one said. 

‘Wow well done they look amazing,’ said another. 

‘This is awesome we have similar doors and I hate them too,’ wrote one. 

People applauded Kim’s results, saying the doors looked amazing and that it was a brilliant idea 

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