Woman catches her cheating boyfriend with iPhone's live photo function

Woman, 27, catches boyfriend cheating with iPhone’s ‘live’ photo function – which revealed another girl lying on his ’empty’ bed

  • Serena Kerrigan, who appeared in the most recent series of MTV reality show Siesta Key, shared the ‘live’ photo in a now-viral TikTok video 
  • The ‘live’ photo function on iPhones turns still images into a video by recording whatever the phone sees 1.5 seconds before and after a photo is taken 
  • Users can see this footage by pressing down on their screen, which turns the image into a quick video – as Serena did with her boyfriend’s image 
  • While the still photo showed his neatly-made bed, the live video revealed a girl falling onto it, milliseconds after he snapped the image 
  • New York-based Serena’s video has racked up more than 7.1 million views – and has been flooded with comments from viewers demanding a follow-up clip  

A woman has revealed how she caught out her cheating boyfriend by using the ‘live’ photo function on her iPhone – which revealed video of another girl falling back onto the ’empty’ bed he had snapped a photo of. 

Influencer Serena Kerrigan, 27, who appears in the latest season of MTV reality series Siesta Key, shared the footage on her TikTok account, revealing that a man she was dating sent her a still image of his neatly-made bed, apparently unaware that his iPhone had also captured the woman he was with falling back onto it. 

‘When the guy you’re dating says he misses you, but then you click the live photo,’ the New Yorker captioned the clip, while adding: ‘Looks like you have some company.’ 

The live photo function on iPhone, which is a standard feature on most models unless turned off by the user, captures 1.5 seconds of footage before and after a still image is taken. 

Whoops: A woman has revealed how she busted a cheating boyfriend by clicking on a ‘live’ photo he sent her, which revealed another girl falling onto his ’empty’ bed

Busted: Serena Kerrigan, 27, shared the live image video on her TikTok account, revealing that the still image showed the man’s neatly-made bed – while the clip revealed the other woman 

Looks like you have some company 

The resulting video can be viewed by holding your finger down on the screen, and the clips usually come complete with sound, too.  

‘With Live Photos, your iPhone records what happens 1.5 seconds before and after you take a picture,’ Apple explains on its website.

‘What you get is more than a great photo; it’s a moment captured with movement and sound. You take a Live Photo just like you do a traditional photo.’

In the case of Serena’s unwitting boyfriend, the live function captured footage of a blonde-haired woman falling back onto his bed and laughing in the one second after he snapped the photo he sent to his girlfriend. 

Unsurprisingly, the Siesta Key star’s video quickly went viral, racking up more than 7.1 million views, and 1.3 million likes. 

Her post was also flooded with comments from other users, many of whom were left in uproar over the man’s foolish mistake.  

‘Apple has your back!’ one person joked, while another added: ‘Apple said, “I got you sis.”‘

‘Steve Jobs is the real MVP,’ a third person wrote.  

Others voiced sympathy for Serena in the wake of her discovery, with one writing: ‘Omg I could just feel the heart drop.’ 

‘My mom asked why I gasped and I had to explain to her what a Live Photo was and now she feels so bad for you,’ another wrote.   

Serena was also flooded with requests from followers to do a follow-up video and explain the situation in full, with dozens asking whether she ended up confronting her boyfriend about the clip – and whether he tried to come up with an excuse. 

Others questioned whether she had watched the live image playing with the sound on – noting that Serena might be able to hear something that could reveal further details about the woman her boyfriend was with.  

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