Woman called fake by first date as she cleans up after McDonalds meal

First dates can be an awkward experience for many.

While some people just head for drinks, others like to keep it classy by wining and dining.

Now one woman had quite a situation occur when she met with a recent bloke – although they just went for a McDonald's.

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The female went on a first date to the fast food restaurant and once the pair had finished, she decided to take the tray to the bin.

But the lad tried to stop her who then said there were "people employed to do this job".

And when she insisted she'd do it to be helpful, he accused her of being "fake".

Now in a Reddit post, she wrote: "I went on a blind date and we met at McDonald's.

"I know it's not the perfect place for the first date, but we had our reasons.

"We had a good talk and when we finished, I cleaned up our table.

"As soon as I picked up the tray he said 'you don't need to throw it, there are people employed to do this job'.

"I was like 'it's fine, it's my habit so I don't mind'."

Then the next day, their friend said how the guy thought she was fake and trying to make him seem like a bad person.

People on Reddit had a lot to say, with one claiming she "dodged a bullet".

One said: "You learn a lot about people from how they treat service workers."

Another added: "Spray and towels are not readily available so they don't expect us to wipe the tables down.

"It's so simple, his response to you doing a normal adult thing says a lot about his character."

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