Woman breaks down in tears after she is fat-shamed by her ‘ignorant’ aunt as she left the house

A WOMAN broke down in tears after she was fat-shamed by an "ignorant" aunt as she was stepping out of her home.

TikTok user Callie Drew begged people to be kinder to others in an emotional outpouring after being shamed.

While filming a heartbreaking video, the mother of one sobbed in anger and pain as she recounted her latest interaction with her "no-filter" aunt.

She told the camera: "I f**king knew it – as soon as I stepped outside – I want to knock out that old lady out so bad.

"I came out on the porch and she spread her arms out really wide and said 'What happened to you? Oh Jesus, what happened to you? Look at you.'"

The TikToker then clapped back and said: "Yeah, I'm a big girl. I'm f**king fat. Why? Do you think your ignorance is going to make me feel f**king better?

"You think that's going to help me? You think being an ignorant old b**tch and calling me fat every time you see me is going to make me feel any f**king better?

"Why are people so f**king mean?"

Many of her followers took the comment section to slam the ignorant woman who had body-shamed her, begging her to ignore the remarks.

Callie went on to explain that the woman is her late dad's sister and that she has no filter, causing her to make some really terrible comments about size.

The TikTok user claimed the aunt made comments such as, "Wow, you've gotten really big," or "You have a pretty face for a fat girl."

In a second video, Callie stood up for herself and said: "I'm f**king gorgeous, who cares."

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