Woman branded vampire and told to go on sunbed – but embraces pale skin

A woman who has been compared to a ‘vampire’ was urged by a troll to use a sunbed – but has chosen to embrace her pale skin instead.

Belle Christina is a self-proclaimed “pale queenie” who shuns the idea of getting an artificial tan from the likes of UV beds.

But her decision to do whatever she wants with her body has caused a few trolls to come out of the cracks.

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In a recent clip posted to thousands of TikTok followers, Belle revealed her forest green graduation dress that she felt was “perfect” for her complexion.

As she modelled the satin garment with a grin on her face, she said: “I think I’ve found the perfect graduation dress colour now that I don’t fake tan.”

Although Belle is happy that she quit using the tanning product, a troll jibed: “I don’t get why people just don’t go on sunbeds.”

However, she was not taking any notice.

In another clip that has racked up 500,000 views, Belle donned a backless white crop top and a low waisted black skirt to show off her complexion.

“I'm good”, Belle confidently replied.

The ‘pale queen’ danced around her room while she embraced her skin and flaunted her stylish outfit.

As a compliment, she has even been compared to a vampire from the hit film ‘Twilight’.

One person commented: “I don’t get why people just don’t mind their own business. Not everyone can or wants to tan, what’s wrong with feeling confident pale.”

Another user related: “Some of us like being pale! I love it.”

While a third person voiced: “Because some people don't need to have a tan to feel confident in themselves.”

Someone else slammed: “People will literally criticise EVERYTHING.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person praised: “You look like a Cullen, I love.”


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