Woman accused of being flat-chested with baggy outfits actually has 28G boobs

A woman who dons baggy outfits in public to cover up her 28G has revealed how she’s often accused of being 12 and flat-chested.

TikTok user Bethany Jade, who is in fact 21, shared a clip of the typical jumper she might wear out and about.

In the caption, she explained: “People thinking I’m a flat 12-year-old, actually being a 28G 21-year-old.”

The video was seen a staggering 32 million times and attracted a torrent of comments from viewers.

Many still didn’t believe her, with one saying: “You hide them really well.”

Another commented: “You’re straight up just lying.”

But Bethany then shared a second clip where she ditched the baggy clothes for a teeny two piece outfit.

It barely contained her cleavage and viewers were astounded by the transformation.

“She was definitely not lying,” one wrote.

Another added: “I wonder how many people she has put in jail.”

Bethany has more than 500,000 followers on Instagram where she is often flaunting her cleavage to fans.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, she also has an OnlyFans account – where customers pay a small fee for uncensored images.

It comes after another woman explained how she tried to hide her 34G boobs as men leered at her.

Rachel Peru, 50, felt shamed for her curves ever since school, when boys would tease her.

She told Fabulous: “From 18, I was incredibly self-conscious about my DD breasts – they drew attention and I felt uncomfortable and embarrassed.

“At school, boys would constantly make fun of them.

“In pubs, drunk men would leer and make lewd comments, which made me turn red and want to hide.

“I’d hunch my shoulders in a bid to make my breasts less noticeable and the weight of them left me with awful neck pain.”

But after years of covering up her boobs with baggy clothes, she eventually embraced them and went on to become a curvy model.

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