What’s on TV: Thursday, February 20

Couples Therapy

SBS Viceland, 9.25pm

Marriage Story, the made-for-Netflix movie that has become a critical darling and Oscars hopeful, has been described in more than one review as something you should never, ever watch with your partner. The same could be said of this fascinating and prurient look inside the world of the relationship therapist's office. Why four real-life couples thought it a good idea to air their festering issues on air after being filmed over 20 sessions is worth a clinical inquisition in itself.

Couples Therapy can make uncomfortable viewing.Credit:SHUTTERSTOCK

Share they do, and the revelations from each are uncannily the same: couples fight about sex, money, intimacy and whose turn it is to do the dishes. Doing her bit for no-bullshit impartiality, Dr Orna Guralnik wins points for being unafraid to put her patients back in their box after misguided flights of fancy but it's the people on the couch who are the most interesting part of this production. The cameras capture the eyebrow raises, sniggers, the look of arch triumph when the doctor appears to side with one person and the body language of those who have all but given up. Will you take sides? Probably. But we can all agree a shot of a grown man handling a gaming console is never a good sign.

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