Wayne Lineker branded a 'creep' after he pushes women by their chests

Gary Lineker’s brother Wayne, 58, sparks outrage as he’s filmed picking his next date from girls who work at his Ibiza club and pushing the rejects into the pool by shoving their chests

  • Wayne Lineker, 58, received backlash on social media for video of him at his club
  • Clip sees him ‘picking a date’ from a lineup on women wearing orange swimsuits 
  • Shoves them in pool at O Beach, Ibiza, by pushing his hand against their chests
  • People have branded him a ‘creep’ and said his posts are ‘absolutely gross’ 

Wayne Lineker has sparked outrage on social media after sharing a video of him picking which ‘dream doll’ to take on a date at his club in Ibiza – knocking them in the pool by their chests. 

The video of the club owner was shared on Instagram late last month but has resurfaced on Twitter as people have branded him ‘creepy’ and called his social media posts ‘absolutely gross’. 

In the clip, Wayne, 58, looks at the camera and says, ‘It’s time to pick which dream doll I’m taking out on a date’ before rubbing his palms with hand sanitizer. 

Wayne Lineker has received backlash on social media after posting a video of him shoving women into a pool by their chests at his club O Beach in Ibiza

One by one he looks at the young women wearing orange swimsuits and shoves them into the pool by pushing his hand on their chest at his club O Beach in Ibiza, which is often host to famous faces and reality stars. 

Eventually he picks former Love Island contestant Katie Salmon to ‘take on a date’ and they walk off arm in arm as she says: ‘Obviously I’m the champion.’

People took to Twitter to express their outrage at the video, including pro-boxer Stacey Copeland. 

The Commonwealth champion said: ‘Watching this video Wayne Lineker posted of himself choosing which ‘dream doll’ he’d be taking on a date, what does it make you think or feel?

He rubs hand santizer into his hands as he speaks to the camera to explain he is picking who to take on a date

He eventually picks his business partner and former Love Island contestant Katie Salmon and she cheers as the pair walk off arm in arm

Pro-boxer Stacey Copeland said the video made he think she is glad to speak up on gender equality and branded Wayne’s Facebook page as ‘absolutely gross’

‘It makes me think that I’m glad I speak up on gender equality for both genders, because we can all do better than this. Your thoughts?’

Stacey went on to comment that Wayne Lineker’s Facebook page is ‘absolutely gross’. 

Another Twitter user replied to Stacey: ‘I hate the thought of people watching that and thinking of it as aspirational.’

Twitter users shared their disgust at the video of club owner Wayne pushes the women in the pool

In response to the video others said it ‘made their skin crawl’ and some drew comparisons between Wayne and the founder of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner. 

One wrote: ‘Imagine if Hugh Hefner were cloned using scraps of meat from a cheap butchers shop in a covered market. Imagine he was raised in a tanning machine and fed entirely on Wetherspoons breakfasts and Creatine. Congratulations, you have imagined Wayne Lineker.’ 

Another said: ‘Some people would say Wayne Lineker is living the dream. I think he comes across as a slimy creep. YUK!’

The women in the video are part of the Dreamdolls group which tour around Ibiza dancing and performing for crowds on the white isle.

People have taken to social media to express their outrage at the video and have branded Wayne Lineker as a ‘creep’ 

Wayne pictured with partying England footballer Dele Alli at his club O Beach in Ibiza 

Wayne Lineker and Katie Salmon are business partners for the group of six whose talents include ballet dancing, twerking, aerial hoop and contortion. 

Katie was quick to jump to Wayne’s defence, commenting: ‘You all need to chill out. Wayne is my business partner we’re just having banter videos done! We are all independent nice women. Half of my girls are taken. Wayne has banter. Don’t look to deep into social media you fools.’

Commenting on Wayne’s original Instagram post, Geordie Shore star Scotty T said: ‘Rest for me then….’ 

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