Watch: Employer’s incredible act after unemployed mum’s struggle to get to interview

An employer has been praised around the world for their kind act after an interviewee had no one to look after her toddler.

Mother of two Maggie Mundwiller had lost her job during the Covid-19 pandemic and had desperately been looking for work.

But when she was offered a second interview she wasn’t able to find a babysitter in time to look after her son.

When she told the employer of her situation, she was blown away by their response.

The employer told her they were kid-friendly and said for her to bring her 1-year-old son Mylo along for the interview.

Maggie got Mylo all dressed up and made him his own résumé to bring along.

Key highlights of Mylo’s résumé included: taking off his own nappy, smelling flowers with his teeth, and he can destroy a clean space in 30 seconds.

Maggie, who was interviewing for a sales/marketing role, told BuzzFeed she was amazed at the whole experience which has opened up discussion about flexible workplaces.

“The interview certainly felt more laid back than a traditional one. I could be my authentic self without hiding parts of my personal life,” she said.

“Mylo even spotted a pickle on the table and my potential employer offered it to him. It was really funny and sweet.”

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She explained the employer was really supportive of her son being there despite him being a little distracting.

Maggie hopes a look into her experience will help other workplaces become more family friendly.

“‘Family-friendly’ workplaces will look different in every workplace. I don’t think bringing your children to work is the perfect solution or the only solution.

It starts with a conversation in organisations. I want businesses to look at their organisation and see where they have room to be more inclusive,” she explained.

“It could be creating a family-friendly culture, flexible schedules, remote opportunities, parental leave (inclusive of ALL genders and longer than six weeks), childcare in the workplace (if that is an affordable option for the business).

“I want the momentum to continue. I am hoping that employers will evaluate the opportunities they have in their organisation to do better and support their employees/potential employees with families.”

Responses flooded in praising the employer’s flexibility and openness to being family friendly.

“Glad it’s a toddler-friendly business. People don’t talk about the need for childcare enough,” one wrote.

Another added: “It makes me so happy to know there are companies like this out there!”

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