Vegans host royal state funeral for streaky bacon complete with procession

A vegan food brand has sparked a debate on social media after they hosted a 'state funeral' for bacon – complete with "royal guards" and a hearse.

THIS, a plant-based brand targeted to meat lovers, launched a campaign for their plant-based "streaky bacon" that saw traditional bacon being buried in a coffin.

The video, which has gained more than 550 likes, shows men dressed in King's guard-style costumes, playing brass instruments as the meat was being laid to rest.

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The brand went the extra mile, adding flowers that say "bacon" and having the funeral procession drive through the streets in front of bewildered on-lookers.

The video was shared on the brand's Facebook and Instagram pages, with the caption: "Thank you for everything and RIP x"

Viewers took to the comments in hysterics over the clip, with people praising them for their "off their heads" sense of humour.

One user wrote: "Genius as per usual!"

Another commented: "You are all actually off your heads hahahaha I love it."

A third wrote: "This is so extra lol I love it."

But while the feedback was positive from the majority of Brits, not everyone loved the campaign.

Some Facebook viewers urged them to rethink the state funeral idea as it was released less than five months after Queen Elizabeth II passed away.

A user said: "I love your products but seriously what the hell is your media team thinking producing this sort of advertisement? Please have a rethink."

To which, the brand replied: "SO glad you love our products. Can confirm no one was harmed in the making of the video, but nonetheless sorry to hear you didn’t like it."

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However, Andy Shovel, Co-Founder of THIS, claims the campaign was to properly honour one of the nation's most beloved meat products as they push their brand to succeed it.

He said: "Of all people, we at THIS, truly understand the widespread joy that pork bacon has brought our nation. So with that in mind, there was no option but to celebrate its historic reign over our fryups, with a public state funeral.

"We will take up this mantle with pride, but we’re also mindful of the heavy burden of responsibility that comes with catering for so many million butties and breakfasts. RIP bacon. And thank you."


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