Urgent warning over £30 sex toy that could burn women as retailers issue recall | The Sun

A SEX toy has been recalled over fears it could burn users.

So Divine’s Vibrating Pearl Love Egg, which costs £30, has an "internal fault", according to UK’s Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS),

It means the vibrator could heat up if the batteries are inserted incorrectly potentially hurting frisky pleasure seekers.

"This may pose a burns risk to customers." the government agency said.

Because of this, the Chinese manufacturer is asking customers who bought the remote control devices with the batch code BN2303 to return them.

The dodgy toys were sold in the likes Tesco, Superdrug and Amazon.

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So Divine said: "If you’ve bought an affected product, please don’t use it".

"Instead, return it to the store where it was purchased from for a full refund." No receipt is required. 

Customers can also contact So Divine for a refund directly, please call on: 0117 974 4111. Alternatively contact them via email at [email protected]

Even minor burns can lead to serious complications, like infection, scarring, heat exhaustion and even shock.

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First aid must be used to treat any burns or scalds as soon as possible, the NHS advises. This will limit the amount of damage to your skin. 

How to treat a burn

Burns are tissue damage that results from heat, overexposure to the sun or other radiation, or chemical or electrical contact

How to treat a burn:

  • immediately get the person away from the heat source 
  • remove any clothing or jewellery 
  • cool the burn with cool or lukewarm running water for 20 to 30 minutes
  • make sure the person keeps warm 
  • after cooling the burn, cover the burn by placing a layer of cling film over it
  • use painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen to treat any pain
  • raise the affected area if possible – this helps to reduce swelling
  • if it's an acid or chemical burn, dial 999, carefully try to remove the chemical and any contaminated clothing, and rinse the affected area using as much clean water as possible

Source: NHS

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