This Morning viewers WON'T be watching Ellie Taylor's new dating show

Viewers left baffled by new Channel 4 dating show that challenges singletons to recreate a film sex scene with the help of an intimacy coach

  • Ellie Taylor teased her new Channel 4 dating show Let’s Make A Love Scene 
  • Told This Morning viewers, singletons reenact sex scenes from hit romcoms 
  • Social media users were left unimpressed by the concept of Ellie’s show 

Comedian Ellie Taylor left viewers of ITV’s This Morning unimpressed after revealing the concept of her new dating show.

The 38-year-old presenter, from Essex, told presenters Rochelle Humes and Philip Schofield that three men attempt to woo a single woman by reenacting sex scenes from hit romcoms in her new two-part Channel 4 series Let’s Make A Love Scene.

She explained that the contestants, who’ve never acted before, recreate memorable moments from films including Ghost, Mr & Mrs Smith and Fifty Shades of Grey in front of a film crew, intimacy consultant and acting coach.

Having refused to reveal if a lasting couple was formed from the concept, viewers took to social media claiming that it’s ‘ridiculous’ and they won’t be watching when it debuts on 13th May.

Ellie Taylor, 38, (pictured), from Essex, left viewers of ITV’s This Morning unimpressed as she teased her upcoming show Let’s Make A Love Scene

Ellie claimed the singletons made decisions throughout the series that she didn’t expect but ‘sparks did fly’.

Sharing clips from the series, Ellie said: ‘These three single lads who’ve never acted before in their lives have chosen to perform three movie inspired love scenes with this girl.

‘We’ve hired a film crew, a director, not to mention an intimacy consultant and an acting coach. 

‘All our singles have to do is wish for some killer chemistry with their co-star and hope that their on screen show-mance turns into a real life romance.’

Ellie told Rochelle and Philip that the series is ‘very steamy’ as she listed the iconic romcoms recreated throughout.

‘Ghost, Mr & Mrs Smith and Fifty Shades of Grey, but they do a switcheroo there and it’s actually the lady who takes the charge, she is Mrs Grey,’ Ellie said.

Ellie explained that singletons (pictured) recreate sex scenes from iconic films including Ghost, Mr & Mrs Smith and Fifty Shades of Grey 

‘Each week a singleton looking for love gets to recreate a sex scene, racy scene inspired by iconic Hollywood movies with three strangers. 

‘They also work with acting coaches and intimacy coordinators to make sure everyone is comfortable. They rehearse it.

‘Quite a lot of the intimacy is actually box ticking, can I touch you here?, is that ok?, to make sure everyone feels safe.

‘Then filming it on a proper set with a proper crew.’

Ellie joked that her role in the show involves watching all the scenes unfold as Rochelle praised the concept as ‘brilliant’.

Ellie said an intimacy coordinator is involved throughout the series to ensure that participants don’t cross any boundaries 

Responding to Philip’s question about how far participants can go, Ellie continued saying: ‘Oh not that. There are people there to check that things are fine.’

She added that the intimacy coordinator is responsible for ensuring there are boundaries and that conversations are being had between all the people involved.

Ellie said: ‘First of all they work with the coaches, it’s quite choreographed. They know the backstory and get into the character. 

‘Then once they’ve rehearsed it they get hair and makeup done and then properly it’s under light and away they go.’

Philip Schofield revealed that he previously recreated the scene from Ghost.

Ellie refused to say if any of the participants formed lasting relationships but claimed some got ‘slightly carried away’ during filming 

Ellie said: ‘There were some people who got slightly more carried away than other participants but nothing untoward happened.’

The comedian explained that modesty pants are worn to protect the participants from feeling or showing anything they don’t want. 

She refused to reveal if any of the contestants went on to have a lasting relationship saying: ‘You’ll have to watch the show. Sparks really did fly and sometimes it wasn’t the people that I thought. 

‘I watched all the scenes back with the participants in a movie theatre.

‘Some of the people who I thought ‘their going to choose that person there is real chemistry’, it didn’t go that way. It was quite interesting. 

‘I have the intuition of a brick though.’ 

Philip Schofield and Rochelle Humes (pictured left) claimed they are looking forward to Ellie’s show airing on 13 May 

Philip and Rochelle admitted they are eager to watch the series, however viewers took to Twitter criticizing the concept. 

One person wrote: ‘Ridiculous dating show idea #ThisMorning’

‘I’m just fed up of these ridiculous sexual dating shows #ThisMorning,’ another said.

A third commented: ‘Oh ffs can we STOP MAKING moronic dating shows PLEASE! #ThisMorning’ 

A fourth added: ‘Why don’t they just bring Blind Date back #ThisMorning’

A stream of viewers took to Twitter claiming they won’t be watching the two-part series

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