‘The Bachelorette’ recap: Hannah tells overbearing Luke ‘you don’t own my body’

Monday’s episode of “The Bachelorette” saw the guys joining Hannah B. in Riga, Latvia, as she tried to turn things around following a trying time in Scotland last week.

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The first date went to Garrett, along with the message, “Can I trust our love?”

Hannah decides to surprise Garrett by taking him bungee jumping, but the surprise is on her as well because, apparently, Latvians like to bungee jump au natural!

Afterward, Garrett says he’s ready to take another leap of faith, and tells Hannah he’s falling in love with her “big time.” She agrees that “sometimes when you’re falling in love, you just have to trust and take that leap,” and offers him the date rose.

When Garrett tells the other men about his naked bungee jump with Hannah, they’re all impressed and a little jealous — except for Luke, who thinks Garrett is just making the whole thing up.

Next, Mike, Jed, Tyler, Dustin, Luke, Connor and Dylan are invited on a group date with Hannah, during which they take in the local culture. All goes well, with the men getting along until Hannah shares the details of her bungee jump with Garrett, forcing Luke to accept the naked truth. Needless to say, he’s not happy.

When Luke gets his turn alone with Hannah, her one-on-one with Garret comes up, and Luke expresses his disapproval, including concerns about bringing her home to meet his family. However, he insists he can forgive her, even when she makes a ”boneheaded mistake.”

Adding to Luke’s anger and frustration? The date rose goes to Tyler, not him.

The next one-on-one date goes to Peter, who joins Hannah for a Latvian spa ritual that combines elements of sauna with spiritual elements and massage techniques that promise to help them “get close to each other.”

Hannah had no doubts about their physical chemistry entering the date, but she needs to know if they can relate to each other on a deeper level. After exchanging stories of heartbreak, she’s satisfied Peter’s a potential match for her and gives him the rose.

After Peter spills the details of his date with Hannah, one of the other guys decides he needs to pay Hannah a surprise visit — but it’s not Luke. This time, it’s Jed. The Nashville singer/songwriter tries to woo her by serenading her outside her window, during which he reveals that he, too, is falling in love with her.

Meanwhile, tempers between two arch rivals flare again when Garrett confronts Luke about discussing the details of Garrett and Hannah’s one-on-one date. Luke tries to get Garrett to promise that their current conversation won’t make it back to Hannah before the rose ceremony, but Garrett will do no such thing.

“Why should I promise you?” asks Garrett. Luke then demands Garrett leave his room, saying he needs to get some sleep. Garrett obliges, saying, “Sweet dreams, Luke,” as he leaves.

As the guys anxiously await the rose ceremony, Hannah pulls Luke aside to discuss their prior conversation about the bungee jump. She says she respects him for sharing his feelings, but the conversation “didn’t sit well” with her.

“You’re not my husband, you don’t own my body, you don’t own me,” Hannah declares. Luke defends the outburst by insisting Hannah simply “misunderstood” him and promises that fighting to make their relationship work will be “worth it.”

“I don’t know,” Hannah responds.

Luke rejoins the other men and the fights continue until they’re interrupted by host Chris Harrison, who tells them that, for the third straight week, Hannah has dispensed with the traditional cocktail party and they’ll head straight to the rose ceremony.

When the last rose is handed out, the guys are once again frustrated to see it go to Luke, especially Dylan and Dustin, who are sent home.

“There’s goodness inside you, and I see that,” Hannah whispers to Luke before placing the rose in his lapel.

“What do you like about Luke,” Harrison later asks Hannah in private.

“I’m either falling in love with Luke, or Luke is making me go crazy,” she says.

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