The 10 Highest-Grossing Dustin Hoffman Movies, Ranked

Hollywood has had a lot of impact from its present and current actors, some of them are late now while some are retired and the rest are still running Hollywood. One of these key actors in Hollywood is Dustin Lee Hoffman who is renowned for his perfect delivery of antiheroes and enthusiastically vulnerable roles. His long list of awards throughout his 63-year-old acting career features Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, BAFTA Awards, and several honors as well as the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Apart from his acting career, Dustin Hoffman has also made a name for himself as an American filmmaker, an endeavor he started with his acting career in the year 1960. In this piece, we take a look at the top 10 highest-grossing movies that he has had in his 63 years old career.

10 Wag The Dog – 1997 ($65 Million)

A loose adaptation of the 1993 novel American Heroe, Wag The Dog is an American political black comedy movie directed and produced by Barry Levinson and of course, starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro amongst other notable actors. The movie was released in 1997 with a budget of $15 million but ended up with a box office gross of $65 million instead.

9 Runaway Jury – 2003 ($81 Million)

Runaway Jury is an American legal thriller film that was produced and directed by Gary Fleder. It was released in 2003 by 20th Century Fox and had a budget of $60 million. The movie stars Dustin Hoffman in a leading role, alongside other well-established actors such as John Cusack and Gene Hackman, making for an all-star cast. The film tells the story of a legal battle between a gun manufacturer and the family of a man who was killed by one of the company’s products and centers around a jury trial that ultimately leads to a surprising and unexpected outcome.

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8 Sleepers – 1996 ($166 Million)

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Sleepers is a legal crime drama that features an ensemble cast of well-known actors such as Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, and Brad Pitt, amongst others. Written, directed, and produced by Barry Levinson and is based on the book of the same name. The film tells the story of a group of friends who are sent to a juvenile detention center where they suffer physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. It was released in October 1996 and had a budget of $44 million but ended up grossing $166 million, becoming a significant box office success.

7 Outbreak – 1995 ($190 Million)

Outbreak is a pulse-pounding medical disaster movie from 1995, brought to life by the talented Wolfgang Petersen. With a budget of $50 million, the movie tells the story of a deadly viral outbreak, and the desperate race against time to stop it. Starring a powerhouse trio of Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, and Rene Russo, the film is an adaptation of a book of the same name. With a box office gross of around $190 million, Outbreak proved to be a hit with audiences and critics alike, thanks to its gripping story and top-notch performances.

6 Hook – 1991 ($301 Million)

This 1991 American Adventure movie was a true blockbuster, and not just because of its impressive $70 million budget. With a star-studded cast that included the likes of Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts, and Maggie Smith, it had audiences on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. The film went on to spawn some merchandise, including comic books, video games, and action figures. It not only had a huge box office success that grossed $301 million but also a huge cultural impact and its legacy is still around.

5 Little Fockers – 2010 ($311 Million)

This was made as a sequel to Meet The Fockers, it was released in December 2010. Although its box office success is barely enough to compare to Meet the Fockers, it sure made its own success as well with a $311 million grossing against its budget of $100 million. The movie was produced and distributed by DreamWorks Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Paramount Pictures; featuring Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, and Ben Stiller.

4 Rain Man – 1988 ($355 Million)

Rain Man, the highest-grossing movie of 1988 features Dustin Hoffman, and his notable colleague Tom Cruise. The movie had a $25 million budget but ended up grossing $355 million with about 8 nominations and four awards. As of last year, Rain Man is reportedly the first and only movie to ever win the Academy Award for Best Picture and Berlin’s highest achievement award simultaneously and for 33 years, it was the last MGM title to be nominated for Best Picture before Licorice Pizza claimed the title in 2021.

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3 Meet The Fockers – 2004 ($523 Million)

This is a 2004 American comedy movie produced and directed by Jay Roach, starring Dustin Huffman and other notable stars like Robert De Niro, who is also a co-producer of the movie, Ben Stiller and Barbra Streisand. It was released in 2004 and despite being met with mixed reactions, the movie made a huge success with a grossing of $523 million against its $80 million budget

2 Kung Fu Panda – 2008 ($632 Million)

Kung Fu Panda is a 2008 animation that was released by DreamWorks, it featured Dustin Hoffman’s voice as Master Shifu alongside other notable actors like Angelina Joli, Lucy Liu, and Jack Black. With its budget of $14,500, it made a whopping success at the box office, grossing about $632 million and it was also the highest-grossing non-Shrek film from DreamWorks Animation.

1 Kung Fu Panda 2 – 2011 ($666 Million)

After the huge box office success of Kung Fu Panda, it was only normal to make a sequel and the sequel sure performed far more than expectations with a budget of $150 million and a worldwide box office gross of $666 million. It starred sensational stars like Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, etc.

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