Stag makes daily visits to family's back garden to nibble on duck feed

Not you again, deer! Stag makes daily visits to family’s back garden to nibble on duck feed – and lets himself out of the gate when he’s done

  • Friendly stag pays daily visits to a family’s back garden in Poolewe, Wester Ross
  • He wanders through the back gate and eats duck feed left out by Katrina Stewart
  • She said the animal has become ‘familiar’ with her family goes to the window 

A stag has been captured on camera on his daily visit to a family’s home in Scotland.

Nicknamed ‘Luggie’, the animal makes regular trips to the home Katrina Stewart, 47, shares with her partner William, 50, and their three children in Poolewe, Wester Ross.

The curious stag comes to eat the duck feed left out by care assistant Katrina and has now become ‘familiar’ with the family.   

Time for tea! ‘Luggie’ the stag on his daily visit to a family’s garden in Poolewe, Wester Ross  

Tucking in: Mother Katrina leaves out duck feed in dog bowls, which the stag also enjoys

Furry friend: The stag keeps an eye on the family cat as he wanders across the garden

I’ll let myself in! The curious stag is captured waiting outside the garden gate in these snaps

Videos and photos show him happily tucking into feed left out in dog bowls in the rural back garden. 

Katrina said: ‘It got to the stage where he seemed to know what time we would be feeding the ducks and he started to linger around and then just walk straight in as soon as the duck food was down. He’s very clever like that.

‘Over time he has become more and more friendly and we’ve built up a bit of a relationship with him.

Animal magic: The family cat doesn’t bother the stag as he pops by for a bite to eat

Capturing the moment: Katrina has photographed precious moments of the stag at ease

What are you looking at? The stag strolls past garden furniture to get to his duck feed 

Little adventurers: One of Katrina’s daughters gets a close-up view of their wild visitor

See you next time! The stag lets himself out of the garden once he is finished with his feed

More food for me! The stag nabs some low-hanging leaves from a nearby tree on one visit 

‘We don’t bother him at all though, we just let him come and go as he pleases.

‘We are sharing our environment with him – after all these animals were here long before us.

‘He is still a bit wary sometimes but he will let us come close to him and even the cat and dog have gotten used to him being around. The kids just think it’s fantastic.’

Night-time outing: The stag photographed on an after-dark visit to Katrina and her family 

Let me in! The stag waits by the gate to be let in by Katrina for his daily roam around

What service: Luggie is hand fed feed outside the back gate on one of his trips to Katrina’s

I can see you: The family captured the stag staring through the window at them on one visit

There he is: The family couldn’t get any closer to nature in their beautiful Highlands home 

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