Scientists discover golden formula for the perfect British chip butty

Scientists have apparently come up with a formula for the perfect chip butty – and claim that Brits don’t wedge enough fries into their sandwiches.

Beware, though, if you use brown sauce or curry sauce on your butties the golden ratio might not be for you, reports the Mirror.

According to the research, the ultimate butty requires 12 chunky, straight cut chips to be sandwiched between two medium slices of buttered white bread along with a dollop of tomato sauce.

But, the study showed that most people were only using seven or eight chips meaning their sandwiches had too little potato for the amount of bread – and it wasn’t enough to fully melt the butter or soften the slices.

That meant that the contrast of crunchy fries to gently squishy bread was all off!

When you’re making a chip butty you should be looking to make sure the chips weigh at least three quarters of the weight of your bread slices.

Statistician Dr James Hind of Nottingham Trent University led a team that developed a formula for frozen food chainIcelandbased on survey findings from 2,000 Brits on how they created a chip butty.

And the team found that 60g of chips to 40g of bread was the Holy Grail of the chip butty world.

Dr Hind said: “What makes white bread preferable is that it is usually the softest. This makes it a perfect contrast to the crunchy chips. And sliced bread has a constant thickness, giving a more consistent chip butty.

“The most important thing is to have the weight of chips at least three quarters of the weight of the bread plus ketchup.”

According to the survey, most Brits already use medium, sliced white bread but a quarter prefer thick sliced bread and one in 10 favour a bap or brown bread.

And while half slather ketchup on their butty, almost one in five use mayonnaise or vinegar.

Scientists reckon the one in 10 using skinny chips and one in three putting standard oven chips instead of thick cut into their buttys are missing out on taste, texture and even the way the snack is held.

Dr Hind said: “Too many chips and it will be awkward to eat the butty and every mouthful will seem like it is almost all chips with the bread and butter going largely unnoticed.”

Three quarters of Brits agree making the perfect chip butty is an exact science.

Dr Hind said: “Every type of bread and style of chip varies subtly, so I’d encourage people to experiment at home and devise their own perfect formula.

“One thing my formula ignores is salt. That’s a matter of personal taste and personal health, so that’s a great place for people to start their own experiments.”

An Iceland spokesperson added: “The chip butty is one of the greatest culinary inventions in UK history.

“We felt it our duty to ensure the British public know the optimum way to build their crispy potato sandwich.”

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