Saweetie Shows Off New Rolls Royce Following Ex-Boyfriend’s Rumored Bentley Repo

Sawettie had just served fans with a double-punch, as she celebrated the purchase of her brand new, very expensive Rolls Royce while simultaneously snipping back at her ex-boyfriend. In once swift move, she posted a photograph boasting her brand new purchase of a stunning Rolls Royce, and her sales rep, posing next to her, posted an image as well, with an interesting little caption. It didn’t take Saweetie’s fans very long to figure out that this was an underhanded diss at her ex-boyfriend, Quavo, for taking away a Bentley he had gifted her when they were together. It seems congratulations are in order for Sawettie – twofold. For the car purchase, and of course, for executing her sweet revenge.

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Saweetie has had a great year, and has been making hit after hit to further her career in the music industry. She recently released a collaboration with Gwen Stefani on the song Slow Clap, and she was even featured on Paris Hilton’s podcast, on iHeartRadio, called This Is Paris.

After seeing her success soar in leaps and bounds, it comes as no surprise to her fans that Saweetie’s rise to fame has resulted in a very lucrative income. Things are going so well for her, in fact, that she has just had her shiny, brand new Rolls Royce delivered to home in the highly sought after gated community of Hidden Hills.

The mere fact that this 27 year old artist is making such a huge purchase is credit enough to her success, but of course, it’s an even sweeter gift when it happens to act as a sharp diss to her ex-boyfriend, who happens to be Quavo, from the band Migos. 

During their very tumultuous relationship, Quavo had gifted Saweetie with a stunning Bentley, and although he never admitted it on record, fans were aware of the fact that he repossessed the Bentley when their relationship soured.

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According to Complex; “Cassidy von Seggern, a Rolls-Royce client experience representative, also posted a photo of her and Saweetie posing in front of the new vehicle. Seggern captioned the post: “She a real bad bish, drive her own RR” which is a clear and direct reference to Saweetie’s Best Friend track with Doja Cat.

TMZ then reported that this caption was also alluding to; “a pickup line Quavo used to holler at Saweetie way back when.”

While it may have devastated Saweetie to lose her Bentley at the time of her breakup, it seems she just sent Quavo a really strong message by flaunting her independent success.

Congrats on the new Rolls Royce!

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