Sausage dog gives birth to 'record' 11 puppies

Sausage dog gives birth to 11 puppies – and owner believes the litter may be a world record

  • Three-year-old dachshund Winnie, from Leicester, had huge brood last month
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A sausage dog has given birth to what could be a world record litter – of 11 puppies.

Three-year-old Winnie bore the huge brood at home near Leicester last month (6/9).

Another dachshund, Cheesecake, gave birth to 10 puppies in September 2021 – which made headline news.

But Winnie has now beaten that number – and owner Rayma Jones, 23, thinks it may be a world record.

She plans to sell the puppies, although hasn’t yet set a price.

Rayma Jones from Leicestershire with Winnie, aged three, her dachshund, who recently gave birth to 11 puppies

The enormous brood, pictured at four-weeks-old. Sausage dogs have average litter sizes of between one and six

Prices for dachshund puppies vary online, ranging from a few hundred pounds – to £2,500.

Stay-at-home dog mum Rayma said: ‘I was amazed [by the litter]. I just kept counting them over and over.

‘I was so surprised that I kept expecting her to pop out another one when I wasn’t looking.

‘She’s such a great mum. I’m overwhelmed that she could have had a world record number of puppies.

‘I looked online and I couldn’t believe it.

‘Winnie’s a natural. She even has ten nipples so she can nearly feed them all at the same time – it’s very sweet to watch.

‘She never wants to leave them, and if she hears another dog she’s right there next to them.

‘She’s the best mum ever.’

The puppies (pictured) may be part of a record-sized litter for a dachshund, according to Rayma Jones

Winnie was bought by Rayma’s family aged seven months, when her first owners were moving abroad.

Rayma decided Winnie was ready to be a mum and found a stud dad around three months ago.

A scan at 35 days of the nine-week pregnancy showed six puppies in Winnie’s belly.

The average number of puppies in a dachshund litter is between one and six, due to their small size.

Winnie started digging and stamping about on her bed on September 5 – five days before her pups were due.

When Winnie had her scan, it appeared as though she was carrying six puppies – but that number was vastly under the huge litter size of 11

Rayma set an alarm to check her pet in the middle of the night when she went to bed.

But then she heard a squeaking noise coming from the spare room at 11:30pm.

Winnie had birthed her first pup, so Rayma sat up with her.

The second came at 1:30am on September 6, followed by four more, 20 minutes apart.

Numbers seven, eight and nine then came around seven minutes apart, followed by a 40-minute gap until number 10.

Rayma went to bed at 6:30am believing Winnie had all her pups.

But when she checked in on her four hours later, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

According to Rayma, the puppies (pictured) are a mix of colours, including silver with black spots, chocolate, and black and tan

She said: ‘I thought 10 was amazing. She’d stopped panting and lay down feeding them. I really thought she’d finished.

‘When I came back I counted them and there were 11.

‘There was no mess, she’d just washed it and lined it up with the others. She’s so clever.’

Rayma added: ‘Winnie’s colour is really rare for a wire-haired dachshund.

‘She’s silver dapple and five of her puppies are completely silver with black spots.

‘Another three are chocolate, and three are black and tan.’

Rayma says she can’t live with all of the puppies, or she will ‘become the crazy dog lady’, so she is planning on selling the dogs

The puppies will be ready to leave mum after they turn eight weeks old.

And Rayma said: ‘I’ll have to sell them, but I’m not sure of the price yet.

‘I can’t live with 11 puppies or I’ll become the crazy dog lady!’

It’s understood Guinness World Records does not keep records for individual dog breeds.

However, the largest litter of puppies ever is 24, all of whom were born on November 29, 2004 to Tia, a Neapolitan mastiff, in the UK.

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