Reviewers Can’t Believe How Much Dust and Dirt This Mattress Vacuum Picks Up, & It’s Currently on Sale

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You may vacuum your carpets and hardwood flooring on the regular, but what about the other soft surfaces in your home — especially your mattress? Dust mites, dead skin, mold spores, and more may be hiding right under you while you sleep. And if you’re waking up in the morning sneezing and coughing, then allergens are definitely lurking. But with the Generic Bed Vacuum Cleaner
on Amazon, you can sleep soundly knowing all those nasties have been removed and neutralized.

The bed vacuum by Generic promises to remove 99% of allergens on the surfaces of fabric using high-efficiency UV light while the 1200 rpm roller brush and high-frequency vibrating pad loosen dust, fur, hair, and dander so it can be sucked up into the chamber. And allergens pass through a HEPA filter, which locks them away for good.

The bed vacuum can be used on all sorts of soft surfaces including curtains, couches, and chairs, and can also be run over sheets and comforters. And it’s currently on sale for 26% off.

Generic Bed Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filtration, originally $129

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“I saw this and thought it would be good for my mattress and maybe even dog beds,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “Just used it and [was] shocked how much dust, dirt, and whatever else came out of the mattress. With a mattress pad and fitted sheets constantly washed … Just thinking I am breathing this in.”

And though it may not seem like the vacuum is working very hard, another five-star reviewer said the proof that it’s doing its job is in the pudding. “At first, I thought this vacuum could use some more power but when I went to clean it out, filters and all, I found on the sponge pre-filter 1/8″ of dust. I was really surprised that came out of my sheets.”

Kick sneaky allergens to the curb and suck them up with the Generic Bed Vacuum and kiss your itchy watery eyes, stuffy noses, and scratchy coughs goodbye.

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