Quirky Pool Floats That Are Seriously Next Level

Is it just us, or does summer get hotter with each passing year? (Blame it on global warming, am I right?) The only way to make it through the muggy middle months anymore is through copious amounts of time spent in a cool body of water. And, c’mon, you can’t very well have the breezy, Insta-perfect summer of your dreams without a trendy pool float or three.

But not just any pool float will do. Last year, unicorns and swans saw their heyday, meaning this year, you’ve got to up the ante. Don’t fret, though — we scoured the internet to find 19 pool floats that will truly take your pool game to the next level.

From peacocks big enough for an entire party to beer steins that double as pool coolers, we managed to find something for everyone. So get ready to dive into major summer fun with these quirky flotation devices by your side.

A version of this article was originally published June 2018. 


Trying to comfortably rest on a floatie while you’re pregnant can only be achieved if you’re lying on your back — until now. This genius floatie has a cut-out for your pregnant belly so you can comfortably relax on your stomach while lounging in the pool. 

Pregnancy pool float, $65 at Peanut

Pizza Slices Pool Float

Um, yum! You can grab a slice to float around on by yourself, or you can sync up with your BFFs for some seriously cheesy fun.  

Pizza slice pool float on Amazon

Royal Crown Island Float

Every queen needs her crown and — bonus! — this one comes with cupholders and enough room for all your loyal followers. 

Royal crown island float, $269 at Funboy

Avocado Pool Float

If guac is extra, this avocado pool float is extra-extra. Plus, you can pop out the pit for your very own portable beach ball. 

Avocado pool float, $29.99 at Amazon

Eaten Alive Crocodile Pool Float

Make a splash this summer by becoming a tasty treat for an inflatable crocodile. Don't worry, though — inflatable teeth make for a tame bite. 

Eaten Alive crocodile pool float, $33.99 at Amazon

Hot Dog Battle Pool Float

Are these hot dog floats designed with kids in mind? Sure. But what adult in their right mind could resist using inflatable condiments to battle their besties? 

Hot Dog Battle pool float, available at Amazon

Eggplant Emoji Float

You can't get much more tongue-in-cheek than this eggplant emoji pool float. This 5-foot-long rideable raft proves size really does matter. 

Eggplant emoji pool float, available at Amazon

Playing Card Table & Chairs Float Set

Sometimes, it's not enough to simply float around a pool. Enter this inflatable card table and chair set, which provides the perfect poolside entertainment. 

Playing cards table and chair pool floats, $38.99 at Amazon

Beer Mug Pool Float

Now you can have your cold brewskies and lay on one too — this foamy float's handle is a built-in ice chest. 

Beer mug pool float, available on Amazon

Holy Ship Pool Float Bundle

These IG-worthy finds will float you… and your little dog too. Yep, not only do you get to chill out on a yacht, but you get a matching one for your best furry friend to boot. 

Holy Ship pool float set, $169 at Funboy

Angel Wings Float

This oversize angel wings float may not have any bells or whistles, but can you imagine how picture-perfect your Insta feed will be floating around on this all summer? 

Angel wings pool float, $127.99 at Funboy

Rosé Bottle Pool Float

Rosé all day! Live your best life by coordinating your pool float to your favorite poolside drink with this rosé bottle-shaped beauty.

Rosé bottle pool float, $28 at Urban Outfitters

Inflat-a-Bull Pool Toy

Hold on tight, because you're in for one wild ride this summer when you climb atop this bucking bull! Your friends will relish the chance to send you flying. 

Inflat-a-Bull, Amazon

Giant Diamond Ring Pool Float

Say I do to this giant diamond ring pool float, and every sunny day will feel like your big day. 

Giant diamond ring pool float, on Amazon

Party Bird Island Pool Float

A gigantic peacock may be a bit much for your average pool party, but, hey, that just gives you an excuse to spread your wings and throw a massive lake shindig instead. 

Party Bird island pool float, $150 at Sam's Club

Float n’ Sip Lips Pool Float Set

Read my lips: You can't possibly make it one minute longer without this float set to carry you (and three of your drinks) through the sunny summer months.

Float n' Sip pool float set, $95 at Funboy

Giant Seashell & Pearl Float Set

Channel your best Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" with this giant seashell pool float. Bonus? It comes with a "pearl" beach ball-slash-photo prop.

Giant inflatable seashell pool set, Amazon

Shark Bite Pool Float

This shark bite pool float is as functional as it is funny. Think about it — being inside the belly of the beast affords you some pretty fantastic sun protection. 

Shark bite pool float, Amazon

Rose-Gold Flamingo Pool Float

Plain pastel pink flamingo floats are so last year. This year's flamingo floats have taken it up about 10 notches with an oh-so-chic rose-gold metallic sheen.

Rose-gold flamingo pool float, $40 at Amazon

Rainbow Cloud Pool Float

Is there really a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow? Test the theory every time you take a dip with this cheery oversize pool float. 

Rainbow cloud pool float, Amazon

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