Pretty In Pink Houseplants To Add To Your Collection

COVID made buying houseplants the go-to hobby for people of varying ages in 2020, and the plant movement is still going strong. We love how many Black people are making nature a central part of their daily lives with help from greenery of all kinds. Plants can brighten up your space, purify your air, and activate your “chi.” But speaking of brightening up your space, if you’re looking for the latest addition to your plant family, why not try a pink one?

If you’re looking for vibrant colors to bring more light to your home in a subtle way, here are some pink options we love that you could add to your plant collection courtesy of plant parents across Instagram.  

Pink Princess Philodendron

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This beauty lives up to its name as the “pink princess” and is native to South America. It would go well in any space in your home that needs color or a warm tone. 

Pink Caladium

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These plants are light and flowy and perfect for the ladies who love a soft pink. The baby pink shade of the plant makes it feel feminine and inviting.

Pink Nerve Plant

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This beauty easily looks like live art and is perfect for someone who wants a plant that pops. The deep green veins and soft pink make it a statement houseplant. Fun fact, vein patterns for this type of plant also come in white and red.

Kalanchoe ‘Pink Butterflies’

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Looking for a unique plant to add an edge to your collection? Try the pink Mother of Thousands. It grows peculiar plantlets or bulbils along the side making it a head turner.

Beleaf Begonia

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We’re switching up the tones with a deeper pink that almost leans toward the burgundy side. It’s a rich color that gives summer or fall vibes at any time of the year.  

Syngonium Neon Robusta

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The syngonium pink neon plant, with its pale pink shade, would look stunning next to a green plant, be it a philodendron or an arrowhead vine. 

Find a favorite? We hope this list is helpful for all the plant moms and plant moms-to-be out there!

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