Police rescue pet goat from near-freezing water in Maine after it flees vet's office

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The vet can’t be that bad.

A police department in Maine recently had to rescue a pet goat that had gotten itself stuck in a dangerous situation: After running away from a nearby vet’s office, the goat almost ended up getting washed out to sea in near-freezing waters.

Today the Belfast Police Department received a report that a goat had escaped from its owner in the parking lot of the…

The Belfast Police Department posted the story to Facebook, explaining that officers received reports of an escaped pet goat on Tuesday. Around the same time, the police department also started receiving calls from people who noticed that a goat was roaming around in residents’ yards.

This was, of course, the same goat.

"Sergeant Fitzpatrick, Corporal Spencer and Officer Michael McFadden IV responded to the sightings," the police department wrote on Facebook. "Sgt. Fitzpatrick located the goat on the oceanfront but apparently, the goat was not done with his walkabout. The 4-year-old goat led Sgt. Fitzpatrick, Cpl. Spencer and Ofc. McFadden on a long walk on the oceanfront before educating the officers on the fact that goats could swim."

To make matters worse, the temperature outside at the time was reportedly only 28 degrees, while the water was only slightly warmer, at about 40 degrees. Unfortunately, the police officers reported that the goat had started to swim out to sea.


"Both Sgt. Fitzpatrick and Ofc. McFadden continued their attempts to apprehend the goat and waded waist-deep into the ocean after it," the post continues. "The goat was not ready to return. The officers' actions were observed by many residents living on the waterfront between Penobscot Shores and Hazeltine Drive and they too responded to help, bringing heads of lettuce, a bucket of grain, and eventually, blankets to attempt to warm up the goat (after it was returned to shore)."


Thanks to the help of the locals, the police officers were successfully able to bring the goat back to dry land and return it to its owner. The goat then went back to the vet’s office for its previously scheduled appointment, although it likely needed some additional health checks after its unexpected swim.

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