Pink on Being Marketed as 'Anti-Britney Spears', Pitted Against Christina Aguilera Early in Career

“It was so unfair to all the girls.”

Pink opened up about the early days of her career where she was immediately compared to other female singers on the pop star scene.

During an interview with People, the 41-year-old songwriter revealed her disappointment in being forced into competition with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, who were at the top of their game when Pink’s first hit “There You Go” arrived in 2000.

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“It was so unfair to all the girls,” she explained. “None of us wanted that.”

The Grammy winner said she even took offense to being marketed as an “anti-Britney” artist in the beginning.

“I love Britney,” Pink claimed. “She used to carry around my album. I was like, ‘Dude, I’m a street punk, I just skateboard. That doesn’t have to be the anti-Britney. I don’t want to fight anybody.'”

But Pink was able to carve out her own path in the industry after getting some sage advice from a legendary veteran.

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“One of the best things that L.A. Reid ever told me was that this music business is big enough for everybody to win at the same time,” she explained. “There’s no such thing as competition. I think we navigated through it as good as a 20-year-old girl can.”

She added that the scene is “totally different” now with female artists supporting other female artists.

“I love to watch it.”

As for what upcoming performer she’s tuning into these days, Pink said she and her daughter Willow, 9, are naturally fans of Olivia Rodrigo.

“I love singing ‘Drivers License’ with my daughter. Her and her little 12-year-old friends gave me the whole lowdown on what happened between the three of them in all the songs!”

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