People share the things selfish parents have put their kids through

So much for unconditional love! Jaw-dropping social media posts reveal the bad behaviour of VERY selfish parents

  • People have shared horrible things parents put their children through
  • One father said his ex-wife used the money he sent for the kids for herself
  • One mother said to look through her daughter’s trash to quiz her about what ate 

These social media posts prove that a parental love is not always unconditional. 

The parents, believed to be from the US and the UK, were shamed on social media for their selfish, bizarre and downright cruel behaviour in a gallery which was shared on Bored Panda.  

One father revealed his ex-wife let their 14-year-old daughter walk to school in shoes full of holes in spite of the $400 he sent her each month. 

Meanwhile a pregnant mother was caught asking for cigarettes on social media and boasted about cutting down to ‘just a pack’ while expecting.  

People have shared appalling example of bad parenting on social media. One man from the US revealed how his ex-wife let their daughter walk to school with holes in her shoes in spite of the money he sent monthly  

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One person shared this Facebook request from a pregnant woman asking for cigarettes, boasting she had cut down to one pack a day 

One person shared that their mother was taking the majority of their unemployment benefits and leaving them only $150

One person from Los Angeles said their mother had blamed Corona on them going out too much 

One US-based person shared how their heartless parents were more worried about an upcoming trip to Vegas than her suicidal thoughts 

One woman from the US was shocked to find her father was pretending online that he had paid for her studies, when she had had to take a loan 

Talk about controling! One person revealed their mother went through their trash to see what they had been eating 

One parent from the US admitted to sending her son back to school after he tested positive to coronavirus 

One woman from the UK shared how she was feeling very calm about the coronavirus, because her family life had been chaotic 

One person from the US revealed their mother had sold their pet snake behind their back and was devastated 

A woman’s coming out did not go as planned when her mother decided to cut her off and not pay for her studies anymore 

 One woman revealed how her mother reacted in extremes when she did not find her in bed when she was 22 

An eco-friendly man who had bought himself a metal straw was baffled by his mother’s claim it would lead him astray

One mother angered people online when she said she planned on gifting her son coal wrapped in a PS4 box 

One woman revealed how her mother lied to her face about damage to her car that had been done by her sister

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