People left unrecognisable by extreme tattoos including alien and face inkings

In modern British society seeing someone with tattoos is about as common as spotting a Wetherspoons boozer on a busy high street.

But some ink enthusiasts go to extremes when choosing their body art.

And when this happens you can’t help but look twice as your baffled mind is instantly flooded with questions.

Here, we take a look at some radical transformations while the people themselves explain the reasons behind the ink.

From a cop who believes the American government played a part in 9/11 to a bank robber who covered his face in tatts, below are the Daily Star’s top picks.

Conspiracy Tatts

TJ Hall is a North Carolina cop who spent 21 hours getting a tattoo sleeve full of conspiracy theories.

The drastic work branded all over his arm questions the 1969 moon landing – mostly because Neil A (Neil Armstong) is ‘alien’ spelled backwards.

And the police sergeant also has a picture of smoke billowing from the twin towers with the words: “Real eyes realize real lies.”

TJ, 31, told Daily Star: “I am not worried about backlash because these are my beliefs and I have researched them and read about them extensively.

“I believe in all my conspiracy theories but that doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to learn and keep an open mind about other views and opinions.”

Mum’s face tatts

Sarah-Jane Howell is often stopped in the street after her jaw-dropping transformation saw her cover her face in tatts.

The mum said she got the ink to help her stay sober because of a drug addiction.

Her tatts include the quotes ‘love is pain’ and ‘stand out be original’ along with the name and date of birth of her daughter. She also has a butterfly on her cheek that covered up a previous design of a crying angel.

The 26-year-old told Daily Star: “Drugs are a way to escape reality and when I stopped doing them I got more tattoos because I obviously had more money and time.

“I just find when you’re sitting in that chair it is that relief and release at the same time. It’s that way of letting go and just being under the needle.”

College initiation horror

Nikki Chu is instantly recognisable because she has 90% of her body tattooed.

But she was inspired to start getting ink after she was beaten and burnt in a brutal hazing ritual at college.

The transgender model wanted to cover her scars after the horrifying experience almost killed her.

She endured the beating to become a member of a university fraternity in the Philippines.

Her first tattoo was a phoenix on her chest after a surgeon suggested surgery would worsen the scar. She then went on to cover herself in ink – including her head.

Nikki told Daily Star: “I am probably the only trans woman in the entire country who is 90% tattooed.

“My tattoos have hid a lot of the imperfections in my body.”

Bank robber's face tatt

Jerry Lee was serving time in a maximum security prison for an attempted bank robbery when he tattooed his own face and eyelids.

He burned vegetable oil and mixed soot with alcohol for the ink and used a pen spring for the needle.

The 42-year-old endured the excruciating pain from his cell before leaving prison completely unrecognisable.

After his release he told Daily Star: “I did it all in the mirror in my cell. It’s a skull representing death broken open with my inner demons looking out.”

The father, from North Carolina, now dreams of opening his own tattoo shop.

Serial killer sleeve

Britnee Chamberlain shocked her family when her fascination with the minds of serial killers inspired her to get portrait tattoos of Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer.

She spent over £1,500 on the killer portraits and the controversial leg tatt includes the dark Dahmer quote: “If you can’t beat em, eat em.”

The Sydney psychology student is planning on getting more monsters inked to her skin in the new year – including Jack the Ripper.

She told Daily Star: “People are always going to have their own opinions but who is to say any of those opinions or choices are right or wrong?

“Having these displayed on my body is solely for my own personal meaning, as is for someone who has a beloved pet, initials of a loved one or perhaps a silly joke tattooed on theirs.”

Rolls-Royce face tatt

Khent Amentui has been obsessed with Rolls-Royce cars ever since his dad told him they were “the best money could buy” when he was a little boy.

Now 29, Khent dreams of owning the swanky £360k motor – but cannot afford to yet.

Instead, he tattooed the famous emblem to his cheek.

The ink has received a mixed response with potential employers being unimpressed.

But Kent told Daily Star: “People should not be judged for something that is meaningful to them and does not offend or affect others in any way.”

40k transformation

Tristan Weigelt is now unrecognisable after he got 95% of his body tattooed in just over five years.

He spent 260 hours under the needle to complete the dramatic makeover.

And despite his family hating his new look, the 25-year-old has no regrets.

The tattoo apprentice, based in Copenhagen, told Daily Star: “People stare a lot but I don’t notice it as much.

“It scares a lot of women away but apart from that there hasn't been any backlash. Most people are really positive.”

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