Paul's attacker unmasked, a sad goodbye and 4 other Neighbours spoilers

It’s a week of revelations and huge decisions in Neighbours, and almost all of them will end badly for those involved.

The sexual tension has been building for Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) and Elly (Jodi Anasta), so Chloe finally decides she has to do something about it. This could be something completely magical, or it could be a total disaster. How will both Elly and Mark (Scott McGregor) react to Chloe’s decision?

Paul Robinson’s (Stefan Dennis) attacker is unmasked – was it Gary (Damien Richardson) all along?

And there’s heartbreak in store for Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Dee Bliss (Madeleine West) as they reach a huge and difficult decision.

Here’s what’s happening this week in Neighbours.


1. Chloe makes a move on Elly

Elly is annoyed when Chloe gets involved in a situation at the school and lashes out at her, but later, when she’s had time to cool down, realises she kind of likes Chloe having her back. She tries to apologise by suggesting they head for brunch.

Aaron is worried when he sees a close moment between Chloe and Elly, warning her she’s heading for a fall and that Mark is too fragile for this. Chloe decides to talk to Mark, who tells her in not so many words that she has the green light to make a go of things with Chloe. So she decides it’s the time to come clean about her feelings – but will they be reciprocated?

2. Dee and Toadie kiss

Dee finds Toadie up to his elbows in crafting and consumed with stress as he desperately tries to sort Nell’s school project at the eleventh hour. Dee decides to help and the pair are thrilled with the finished product. But it’s short lived as they’re both devastated when they realise Clancy has run off with it and ruined it. They two start hurriedly discussing how they’ll have to do it all over again in round two and as things get heated, passion builds and they kiss!

3. Paul’s real attacker is revealed

Sheila hides the crowbar in the recycling, which of course is just asking for trouble. Harlow knows she’s hiding something and goes rooting around, discovering the weapon and immediately calling the police. Mark arrives to take Sheila in for questioning, but Roxy’s guilt is piqued – now he really might go down for something he didn’t do. She puts in a call to the real culprit and it all becomes clear – she’s been covering for Vance all along.

4. Kyle breaks Amy’s heart

Amy realises that although she’s been putting off breaking up with Gary until he’s in the clear, now he is it’s equally as bad a time to break things off. After speaking with Pierce, Kyle realises that even if Amy does choose to be with him, she’ll still have feelings for Gary. So Kyle makes a huge decision – and goes to Amy to tell her he doesn’t love her…

5. Who’s stalking Bea and Finn?

Bea and Finn are struggling with finding their feet in their new relationship so Bea comes up with an idea of a strip-tease game to take things up a gear and help them forget the past. But when they come back out, they discover the clothes they ditched have vanished. Who’s stalking them from inside the Kennedy house?!

6. Toadie’s devastated as Dee leaves

Toadie freaks out after the kiss, and flees the house. Hurt, Dee realises she’s causing too much trouble and decides to leave herself, heading back to Byron Bay. Toadie realises what’s happened and manages to track her down, and the two have a serious heart to heart. As they chat they come to a heartbreaking conclusion – neither is ready for this to work. They decide to say their goodbyes and go their separate ways, for now.

Scenes air from Monday 5th August at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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