Passenger painfully learns baggage conveyor belt isn’t for her

Airports are a mixing pot of sleepy kids at the end of their tether, cross-cultural fashion, and last-ditch effort souvenirs meant only for your least-favourite family members.

It’s also a place where common decency goes to die. Want to neck a beer at 7am? Drink up. Want to rudely direct an entire life worth of loss, frustration and anger to the desk staff? Well, please don’t, but you probably will.

Whether intentional or not – we won’t hasten to assume the motivations here – a passenger at the newly-opened Istanbul Airport in Turkey stepped up to the check-in desk and onto the conveyor belt, the one intended for bags. Truly a unique way to christen the new airport.

In the CCTV footage, she can be seen holding her bags as she waits for luggage to pass her on the conveyor belt. She then strides forth as fellow passengers watch on. Note a very puzzled Sir. Purpleshirt… he’s all of us.

The woman ultimately stacks it and continues riding the motorised wave until quick-thinking staff bring it to a halt.

Was she overtired, drunk or maybe even just doing it to rouse the crowd with a massive giggle?

We’ve all been in a similar situation. Think back to the time (last weekend) when you drunkenly hopped into a car thinking it was your Uber, or punched the wrong button and rode the lift to the penthouse floor of an oil tycoon.

Either way, we can respect that it might have been her first time flying, and we can certainly admire her confident stride.

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