Parents slam mum who let her seven-year-old daughter wear a bikini

Mother is slammed for letting her daughter, 7, wear bikini bottoms WITHOUT the top at a holiday kids’ club – as parents insist it’s ‘totally wrong’ for a girl to own a two-piece

  • A mother dressed her daughter, 7, in bikini bottoms but no top on holiday 
  • She was ‘upset’ after being asked to put the top half of her daughter’s bikini on 
  • The anonymous mother from the UK took to mumsnet to share her story 
  • Users didn’t agree and slammed her for buying her daughter a two-piece 

A mother has been slammed for letting her seven-year-old daughter wear a bikini on holiday, with other parents claiming its ‘weird’ she wasn’t dressed in a swimsuit. 

The anonymous mother, from the UK, explained she had sent her daughter off to a holiday kids’ club with bikini bottoms on but no top.

 But she was ‘left upset’ when a member of staff asked for the girl to wear the top when she returned the following day.

While she took to Mumsnet to ask for advice on the situation, many of the responses focused on why her seven-year-old was wearing a bikini in the first place – with one saying it’s ‘totally wrong’ for a child to be dressed in a two-piece. 

A British mother has been slammed for letting her seven-year-old daughter wear a bikini on holiday, with other parents claiming its ‘weird’ she wasn’t dressed in a swimsuit. Stock image 

Sharing her story, the mum wrote: ‘I sent the kids to a holiday club today where they have a pool. 

‘They were wearing the bottom part of and the 7 year old, very skinny as well, was told to wear the top part of her bikini tomorrow. I think that’s just weird and I’m feeling a bit upset about it.’ 

A handful of parents were sympathetic to the mother’s position.

One user wrote: ‘I would rather see a 7 year old with just pants on than a bikini suggesting she has t**s to cover up in the first place. I find it truly shocking that she was asked.’ 


Several argued that it’s inappropriate for a young girl to wear a bikini, with one saying it could potentially be ’embarrassing’ for the child

Another said: ‘I’m with you. I had a bikini but only ever wore the bottoms until I had something to put in the top bit and it never seemed odd. 

‘You can’t buy just the bottoms for girls once they’re out of nappies and you should be able to. Why should she cover her top half? It’s insane.’ 

A third wrote: ‘I’d be a bit angry too – can’t see the problem and why they would insist that she wears it. She hasn’t got boobs for Gods sake!’ 


Others defended the original poster and said there was nothing intrinsically provocative about a bikini. Several said it was appropriate for the girl to wear the bottoms without the top 

However the majority were critical of the mother’s choice of swimwear. 

One ranted: ‘I think it is weird that your 7 year old has a bikini at all. Why not get her a proper swimming costume?’ Another fumed: ‘7, bikini??!!! Why???’ 

A third argued: ‘What has her being skinny got to do with it?? And whats wrong with swimsuits?’ 

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