Nicki Minaj Deeply Offended By Fans Dissing Her Romance With Kenneth Petty: She Loves Him

Nicki Minaj is head over heels for her beau Kenneth Petty, who she feels treats her like every woman should be treated, and doesn’t understand how some fans can criticize their love.

Nicki Minaj, 36, is not understanding her fans’ concerns over her romance with Kenneth Petty and is even feeling upset over it. The rapper is so in love with her boyfriend despite his troubled past with the law, and finally feels like she found the man she’s been looking for in him. “Anyone who insults Kenneth is insulting Nicki. He’s her man for life, any offense to him is an offense to her,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “She hates that people say that he’s not good enough for her because she knows it hurts him. Nicki loves Ken so much, she has never felt this way about any man before. Nicki truly can not understand why people are hating on Ken. She has been through hell with men in her life and has finally found a healthy happy relationship, she thought her fans would be happy for her. She doesn’t understand how people can call themselves fans of hers and not be happy for her now that she’s found true love with a man that treats her like a true Queen, she doesn’t get it.”

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